*Tor Tordeck Ultra 90

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Please contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Tordeck Ultra 90 has been innovatively designed to produce a high quality anti slip finish, for flooring primarily on balconies.

Best Uses

Tordeck Ultra 90 offers long term durability with a seamless finish that works to protect the substrate from water intake, resulting in a high level of protection against corrosion and potential shrinking or swelling caused by moisture.


Tordeck Ultra 90 is ideal for rolled application in order to ensure a seamless finish, available in a variety of colours. Tordeck Ultra 90 offers ultra fast curing times and can be walked over after just 90 minutes, minimising downtime, saving costs and money.

Surface and Environment

Tordeck Ultra 90 is ideal for use in an external environment on flooring exposed to high trafficking and weathering, making it highly suited for balconies found in private buildings. The use of a dark colour is highly recommended in these areas as they are exposed to more wear and tear from constant foot traffic.