Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil

Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil

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Treatex Bangkirai Oil is a natural oil based finish containing micro fine pigments which block UV rays and protect wood from decay.
Available in 2.5 Litres
£49.84 (£59.81 Inc VAT)
£49.84 (£59.81 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil is a natural oil that provides long term protection from UV rays and weather damage.

Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil is a natural oil based coating containing fine pigments that work to block UV rays and protect wood from decaying when exposed to sunlight for long periods.

Best Uses

Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil provides excellent long term protection against weather damage, offering a tough finish to exterior decking that can be used in all areas of the garden primarily decking, fencing and furniture.


Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil can be applied thinly by brush with 2-3 coatings for the best performance, providing you allow 12 hours of drying time between each coating.This product is not suitable for use on surfaces that contain tannins such as oak.

Surface and Environment

Treatex Bangkirai Decking Oil has been manufactured specifically for use on a variety of different wooden substrates offering excellent resistance to abrasion and long term protection against all kinds of weathering, reducing the risk of greying and decay.