Trimite W301 A92 White Gloss Can DEF STAN 80-54

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A92 paint finish
Available in 5 Litres
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Product Description

Trimite W301 A92 paint finish for general service, air drying and spraying to specification DEF STAN 80-54, Gloss. This is formulated and tested to a Ministry of Defence Standard and must be used strictly in accordance with the individual contract requirements.

Best Uses

Ministry Approved for Conventional Spraying. This specification relates to an exterior quality air drying paint for general service use. It will normally be specified as a finish over a Ministry Approved Primer.


Where Ministry of Defence specified materials are used, the following procedures may be relevant and, where applicable, should be observed DEF STAN 03-30: Treatments for the Protection of Metal Parts of Service Stores and Equipment against Corrosion. The substrate must be thoroughly clean and from contaminants, corrosion and grease.The following products can give the necessary results:

1. Derusting: - manual - T Deruster 25 MP0006
                     - dip - Deoxidine 49 MP0054
2. Cleaning: - manual - T Degreaser J102
                    - T Cleaner 1 MP0504

Note: For aluminium and light alloys, specific cleaners and deoxidisers may be needed. For technical advice and details of the Trimite range of Pre-treatment products please contact our Technical Team on 01462 421333.