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Product Description

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This FireKill Intumescent Varnish system contains a fire protective base and topcoat for the enhancement or internal wood surfaces.

This FireKill Varnish (Base and Topcoat) two pack lacquer product produces a decorative, fire protective finish for timber and timber derivative surfaces. It is designed for internal use and will achieve Class 1 Spread of Flame Class 0 Fire Propagation when both top and base coats are applied. FireKill Varnish provides good adhesive properties and can be applied to surfaces which have been previously coated with a standard clear varnish.

Best Uses

The FireKill Varnish two pack comes as a complete package which is designed to provide users with a full fire protective system for surfaces which have previously been coated with varnish. FireKill Varnish can be used to help maintain the surface's natural beauty, delivering a clear coating, available in a satin, gloss or matt finish.


FireKill Varnish can be applied with a brush, roller or airless spray and has a theoretical coverage rate of either 20 square metres (20m pack) or 40 square metres (40m pack). After applying the first coating, you must allow 12 hours before applying a second coat.

Surface and Environment

FireKill Varnish can be used on all internal wooden floors, either bare or previously varnished. FireKill Varnish is ideal for use on interior environments where there is high wood coverage, in order to protect against fire hazards.

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