Wagner Pro Spray 20

Wagner Pro Spray 20

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Wagner Pro Spray 20, Airless Paint Sprayer 110 Volt.
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Product Description

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The Wagner Pro Spray 20 is a 110 volt airless pump offering upto 3100 PSI making it ideal for spraying emulsions, acrylics and solvent based paints onto walls, cladding and timber.

Wagner Pro Spray 20 is powerful enough for virtually any application, airless gun or internally fed paint roller and also for painting roof tiles, cladding, or line marking. Wagner Pro Spray 20 is part of the fantastic range of Sprayers we have available at Promain found amongst our wide selection of Accessories.

Best Uses

Wagner Pro Spray 20 is particularly ideal for use in any workshop or construction site to make the application process of large coverage paint jobs a lot easier than they would usually be when applying manually. Wagner Pro Spray 20 is simple and convenient to use and brought to you at an excellent price.


Wagner Pro Spray 20 has ultra compact dimensions and low weight which makes it easily transportable and moveable. This is ideal for decent sized paint jobs which requires coverage a large surface area and moving around a lot. Wagner Pro Spray 20 is ideal for spraying Dac Hydro D roof tile paint and cladding paints.

Surface and Environment

Wagner Pro Spray 20 can be used on almost any surface from concrete to metal and wood too. Pro Spray 20 is a fantastic sprayer which helps turn an old worn out surface into a sharp, new looking surface in a matter of minutes, in any environment.