Recoat Anti Graffiti Mat

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A clear environmentally friendly matt anti graffiti coating.
Available in 4 Litres in Clear
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Product Description

Recoat Anti Graffiti Mat is a transparent 2K coating designed to keep the environment cleaner. It makes it difficult for graffiti to attach to the surface, making it very easy to remove the graffiti with the Recoat Graffiti Remover. 

This coating contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne, which makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative compared to other coatings.

Best Uses

Recoat AG Mat has excellent adhesive properties. After proper pretreatment (depending on the substrate), the original colour will become visible and a permanent, transparent protective layer with a high surface tension will form. The coating thereby protects substrates from persistent weather effects and dirt adhesion and, as such, is very easy to clean. In addition, graffiti can’t attach to the surface and is therefore really easy to clean.

Recoat AG Mat is also highly resistant to chemicals.


Recoat AG Mat can be applied to concrete substrates, natural stone, brick slips and façade cladding such as Trespa. Recoat products are not permeable to water vapour and are therefore not applicable to wood exterior like façade frames and other breathing substrates. You are advised to always perform a test application to the
concerning substrate.

Recoat coatings are applicable in many sectors, including real estate, infrastructure engineering and civil engineering. Due to its simplicity, the Recoat system is a sustainable and less expensive alternative for the maintenance of many types of substrates.

Apply via brush, roller or airless spray application.

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