About Cladding Paint

Promain UK Limited make it our priority to supply only the best Cladding Paints available on the market. We only sell products that are completely trustworthy and we would use ourselves. With the use of Cladding Paint we offer, you can instantly revamp your business park from an old and worn out warehouse into a new and luxurious looking factory. Cladding Paints are specially designed to rejuvenate and modernise the look of surfaces, all the while, protecting the surface itself. 

Available in a variety of different brands, such as Rustoleum, Owatrol, Osmo and Zinsser, the Cladding Paints we offer you at Promain are only the best in an industry leading paint service. We offer Cladding Paint to restore a number of different surfaces ranging from different types of metal to concrete and steel also. The Cladding Paint we supply helps give the impression of a brand new surface by altering the appearance and bringing restoration to any cladding surface. As well as this we know that our Cladding Paints will protect your surface against all weather conditions, corrosion and UV lights. Perfect for any kind of outdoor cladding, especially in high risk weather areas, such as a coastline.

Promain UK Ltd have been selling Cladding Paint for a long time and we understand the importance for the customers to know that they are buying only the best products on the market. That is why we supply you with the best. We are certain that the products we supply will provide you with the quality and effectiveness you need to maintain your Cladding’s appearance. With our Outstanding range of products on offer you can improve your cladded surfaces look by another 10 years, at least. Why not take advantage of our excellent prices and value for money products. If you are unsure about any of the products specifications, you can always contact our team for any advice you might need, or otherwise, we offer you demonstrative video’s to show you the products high quality uses.