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Product Description

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Everbuild Wood Preserver Clear (Lumberjack) is a solvent free solution of active fungicides specifically designed to deeply penetrate all wood and joinery to give long lasting protection.

Wood Preserver Clear is a new formula that is an ideal pre-treatment that can be applied to damp timber. Everbuild Wood Preserver is a clear easy to apply treatment which may be overpainted, varnished or stained. Wood Preserver in colours provide the same protection as clear but as they are a finish in their own right, with water repellent properties, they should not be overcoated.

For use on interior or exterior rough sawn or planed timber such as floorboards, joists, roof timbers, window frames and doors.


Joinery, floorboards, roof joists etc: Apply 1 litre of product per 3 - 4m2 of surface.

Ideally this should be applied as 2-3 even coats leaving at least 2 hours between applications or dip for three minutes.

Timber not in ground contact: 3 coats by brush or spray or dip for 10 minutes. Coverage: 4m2 per litre.

Timber in ground contact, Soak for 1 hour. Coverage 40 litres per cubic meter.

Technical Details
  • Everbuild Wood Preserver Clear 
  • Overpaintable
  • easy to apply
  • Solvent Free formula
  • Non Flammable
  • Internal and external use
  • Can be applied to damp timbers
  • Theoretical coverage 4m2 per litre
  • Available in 5 litres