Aircraft Hanger, Phoenix Estate

This listed historic aircraft hanger was used during the 2nd World War. In 1989 this building was coated and in 2005 it was repaired. Despite repairs to the felt over-coating on the pitched corrugated asbestos cement roof, there were still a number of leaks present. Rain had penetrated the roof joints, particularly around the roof light areas. This was causing potential damage to the contents, which was unacceptable.

Testing and Cleaning

Before any refurbishment of the aircraft hanger could begin, thorough testing of the existing substrate was carried out.  This was done to ensure the proposed coating systems were fully compatible. The existing asbestos cement sheets were cleaned using Torkill “W” Antifungal Wash. This ensured all moss and fungal spores were destroyed. Damaged and defective roofing sheets were replaced as required. The existing coatings were thoroughly scrubbed down with Tor Wash Down Solution to remove heavy deposits of contaminants, then thoroughly rinsed off.

The laps, joins and areas around the roof lights were coated first with a primer.  The primer was chosen to promote adhesion on the surfaces with varying conditions where necessary. Raincoat™ Fibretex, as supplied by Promain an internally reinforced coating containing inert chopped fibres was then applied. The coating is used to provide added strength when stripe coating and as an overall protective coating system.

Finally a topcoat of Raincoat™ HB Smooth was applied, which provided a smooth, low-sheen finish.  The Raincoat™ Waterproofing System has been developed over many years.  The aim was to solve the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of mechanically sound pitched roof surfaces. This cold liquid-applied waterproofing system provides flexible, durable, UV protection, and 100% waterproofing protection. The work could be safely carried out with the building occupied due to the cold nature of the product.

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