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Anti-Slip Paint

Following on from our December blog on Anti-Slip Solutions, another alternative for preventing slips and falls is the utilisation of an anti-slip additive to suitable floor coatings available from Promain.

For example, Promain distribute many high quality floor coatings. One of the most popular is Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Maxx 5300. 5300 is a water based garage floor paint. With the addition of an anti-slip additive, it is transformed to a safer, anti-slip surface. This is a industrial grade hard wearing product.

Introducing Rustoleum Epoxyshield 5300

EpoxyShield Maxx 5300 is easy to use and apply. As part of the great service Promain offers, customers receive important advice which enables the avoidance of costly ordering and application mistakes.

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Maxx 5300 is ideal for light to medium traffic areas, providing the best possible resistance to damage caused by impact or abrasion. EpoxyShield Maxx 5300 also withstands chemicals and water, which has pooled.

Is this starting to sound like the perfect solution to your current flooring issues?

EpoxyShield Maxx 5300 is a water based product. This means quicker drying times but there is a less toxic smell. It also gives the benefit of a quicker clean up procedure too.

You should use EpoxyShield Maxx 5300 within a temperature range of 15–35 Celsius. The humidity should be below 80%. Suggested drying times are 16 hours for light foot traffic, which provides a surface that is suitable for normal and heavy traffic, a re-coat will require a further 24 hour drying time. Full hardness will take 7 days and will provide a protected floor for vehicles.

Maximise EpoxyShield Maxx 5300’s adhesion and durability by following the instructions. It must not be used on smooth or dense concrete, or concrete that contains a curing composite.

5300 Epoxy Floor Paint Application

Floors should also be clean and dry before beginning the application process.

Once you tick these boxes, you can consider the addition of the Epoxyshield Anti-slip Additive or Epoxyshield Decorative chips. Either of which will result in a customised surface coating. This aligns to the specific, salient needs of the customer. A slip resistant surface – for Health and Safety piece of mind, or a decorative finish – which helps to mask dirt.

Promain distribute anti-slip paints, anti-slip self-adhesive tapes and stair tread covers. An anti-slip additive forms part of the slip preventative measures available from Promain.

Finally, Please call us on 01462 421 333 for more information and friendly and helpful advice.


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