BBC Countryfile Marrams Shelter Rescue

Marrams Shelter in Cromer, is just one of many sea shelters dotted along the coastline of Cromer. Around half a million tourists descend on Cromer’s sandy beaches every year. The shelter is a pre second world war landmark and has offered refuge for locals and holidaymakers since the 1930’s.  Now, as a result of being battered by the bracing sea breezes, it is in need of some attention to restore it to its former splendour.

Marrams Sea Shelter
Multi Surface Paint

Countryfile To The Rescue!

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker from the BBC Countryfile program come to the rescue of the sea shelter with a band of local volunteers using Bedec Multi Surface Paint, available from Promain and a graffiti artist, as well as the North Norfolk District Council.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint
Bedec Multi Surface Paint

Bedec Multi Surface Paint is perfect for use on wood and timber.  Furthermore it is also suitable for painting almost any surface in the home, garden or commercial environments. MSP is ideal for use on a range of surfaces including:

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  • Iron
  • Steel, including galvanised, aluminium, lead, zinc
  • Copper
  • Timber
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Most plastics including uPVC windows and drainpipes.

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