The benefits of using Rustoleum Dacfill HZ from Promain

Rustoleum Dacfill HZ is a water-based, flat roof coating that offers long term protection to old and worn out roofing systems which have suffered from weather damage, over a period of time. When roofs become damaged and worn out, the external damage can result in leaks that cause further destruction to the interior of the building, costing companies and homeowners thousands of pounds every year.

Rustoleum Dacfill HZ Calder Hall and Sellafield Ltd

An example of the possible cost of roof damage recently came to our attention. A roofing contractor quoted the owner of Calder Hall £230,000. This was to repair leaking rainwater damage. A local company, ‘Sellafield Ltd’, became aware of this issue and were sure they could do the repair work at a much cheaper price and decided to take it upon themselves to tackle the task.

After extensive research, Sellafield found out that by using Dacfill HZ Waterproofing Paint, they were able to complete the job at just £55,247. This amount included all the resources, helping the building owner to save a total of £174,753. This is a remarkable accomplishment and our congratulations go to Sellafield Ltd. They used their initiative to provide value for money to a local taxpayer.

Sellafield didn’t just stumble on Dacfill. They scoured the market to find the product that would do the best job. Sellafield found that Dacfill offered the best value-for-money and cost saving properties. Tthe elasticity of the paint is most impressive. It stretches up to 400%. After finishing the job, the client has been satisfied with how well the paint adhered to an old weathered surface.

The building owner, in particular, was extremely happy about the amount of money he saved and the results of his new looking roof.

Promain UK Ltd are proud to supply such a recognised and sought after product. We are the top supplier of Rustoleum products across the UK.

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