The Benefits of Rustoleum NeverWet

Rustoleum NeverWet is one of the most innovative products available on the market at the moment. It’s easy to apply, long lasting and is also quite cheap, with most retailers offering this at a price which fits comfortably within most household budgets.

Hydrophobic Properties

Rustoleum NeverWet protects most materials against moisture damage such as Aluminium, Galvanised Steel and Copper. The science of it entails it possessing hydrophobic properties in that it naturally repels water and moisture. This is a brilliant quality to have as this means that any surface that Rustoleum NeverWet is painted on stays protected in the long-term, meaning an extra coat of paint is rarely needed and the current paint job is not spoiled at all.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet from Promain UK LTD
Rust-Oleum NeverWet from Promain UK LTD

It’s waterproofing properties means that this is perfect to coat industrial buildings and also Sheds, Garages and any other buildings which are outside. Furthermore, its water-resistance means weather cannot harm any surface. This is a very rare quality which is unmatched by its rivals in the market – which can be quite susceptible to water damage.


It is also quite easy to apply with no fancy technology needed. Once you apply NeverWet, it has incredible durability. The product is great longevity and will withstand any force applied to it from an external source. It dries in half an hour, which is again something fairly unprecedented in the industry. Most other rival waterproofing products taking in excess of an hour to dry. It has many practical uses. You can even apply NeverWet to shoes or other footwear! It can make them even more hardy and resilient during outdoor activities.

Rustoleum NeverWet is a product that is very reliable and always does its job well. It has an abundance of uses and you can apply it to many surfaces. Visit us on-line today to find out more about Rustoleum NeverWet from Promain UK Ltd.

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