Paint Blistering & Bubbling Problems

There are several reasons why blistering and paint bubbles can occur, and several ways in which these problems can be fixed, and prevented in the future.

If the paint is lifted from the underlying surface, this can cause the paint to blister or bubble, and in some cases, eventually peel. Heat and moisture are usually the main causes of this, either separately or together. Even though this can be rectified, the underlying problem will need to be resolved to prevent it happening again.

What Are The Causes Of Bubbling Or Blistering Paint?

– There is too much moisture present.
– Painting a surface that is hot, damp or dirty.
– Applying paint that is oil based over existing latex paint.
– The surface has not been prepared correctly.
– Latex paint may have been exposed to moisture too soon after it has dried.

Paint Micro Blistering
Paint Micro Blistering

How Can Bubbling Be Prevented?

– Ensure that the surface is dry and has been cleaned completely.
– If there are any stains, cover them with primer-sealer and allow it to dry.
– However, if new joint compound is used, use a latex primer or flat latex paint first as a primer.
– If it is too hot or humid, then do not begin painting.
– Do not expose the surface to moisture before the paint is dried.
– If areas are exceptionally humid, consider installing exhaust fans or vents.

Water in Paint Coating
Water in Paint Coating

How Can Paint Bubbles Be Fixed?

– Blisters can be scraped and sanded if they do not go all the way to the substrate. Once the area has been smoothed, apply an appropriate primer.
– The source of moisture or heat will need to be removed if the blisters go down to the substrate.
– If an interior area is humid, then vents or extractor fans could be used to eliminate this problem.

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