Keim at Cable Street Mural, London

Keim mineral paints were used to restore the historic Cable Street mural in London, which was brought back to its original condition by Paul Butler, one of the original four artists who used Keim mineral paints on the mural back in 1982.

Keim mineral paints
Keim mineral paints

Battle of Cable Street

Keim proudly sponsored the Battle of Cable Street, London, commemorative exhibition on its 75th anniversary. This was a momentous occasion. An iconic moment and a major factor which lead to the passing of the Public Order Act 1936. This was a time when community groups came into their own by standing up for their own rights.


Paints Used – Keim Mineral Paints

Keim Soldalit and Keim Royalan were used to create the full range of colours for the restoration of the mural, with colours mixed on site by the artist himself. Mineral paints contain exclusively high-quality, lightfast, mineral pigments and binders. These exhibit the greatest UV resistance of all paint systems. They are absolutely weather-resistant and all Keim colours are unaffected by the action of weathering and UV radiation. Thus ensuring no colour fade with the passage of time. Having a bright matt appearance, the crystal structure of these paints gives a high level of light reflectance when compared to oil based film forming paints of a similar colour. Finally, once completed, the mural was coated with Keim Wax coating, for anti graffiti protection.

In conclusion, Keim Mineral Paints were the perfect product for this project. If you would like more information on the products used our Technical Team are ready to help. Call us today on 01462 421333 or email us on [email protected]


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