Certifire Approval For Fire Upgrading Tor Coating Systems

Tor Coatings available from Promain has become the world’s first provider of fire upgrading protective coatings to achieve Certifire status.


Certifire is a globally proven third party certification scheme for construction products with fire performance. It is designed to give confidence to specifiers, building owners and enforcement authorities. It is operated by Warrington Certification, a division of Exova Warringtonfire; the world’s leading independent certification, testing and fire engineering body.

This level of independent third party product certification sets Tor Coatings apart. It demonstrates the firm’s continued commitment to preserving life through the provision of world class fire protective coatings technologies.

Tor Coatings and Certifire

Tor Coatings is the market leading provider of fire upgrading coating systems for communal areas and fire escape routes in the UK social housing sector. The announcement will be of great interest to specifiers operating in the sector. Under current fire safety legislation, they are advised to give preference to products with recognised third party accreditation whenever possible.

In order to achieve Certifire approval, Tor Coatings had to pass a series of rigorous independent certification tests. Furthermore, these tests were conducted on and off site. The design of these tests verify critical areas such as product performance, manufacturing processes and quality assurance.

Finally, Warrington Certification carry out all testing. They will also conduct annual audits of Tor Coatings to ensure ongoing compliance with this scheme.

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