Chessington World of Adventures

Following an in-depth discussion last year with the architects for Legoland Windsor resort, Promain’s technical department were asked to produce a paint system for Chessington World of Adventures in Epsom, Surrey, which would provide a tough, easy to apply, coating to the ceiling. This coating needed to be suitable for use in the indoor splash pool area, which is an extremely humid and wet environment.

Chessington Sea Life

From the success of this project, an initial site visit was carried out by a member of the Promain staff who liaised with the architect and the contractors who successfully carried out the work at the Windsor resort, and it was decided to specify the very same system, the Sika Liquid Plastics 3.1 hygiene system.

Sika Liquid Plastics 3.1 Hygiene System

This consists of making good any defects (not necessary in this instance as this was a new project).  Firstly a coat of the 2 pack bonding primer was applied to seal the surface, then a coat of Sikaguard 203W a water based hygiene coating was applied.  Whilst this coating was still wet a re-enforced membrane (Sikalite Reemat ) was embedded into this coating. After this was allowed to dry two coats of the Sikaguard 205W were applied in the clients choice of colour.

The system provides a reinforced membrane which bridges gaps where plasterboard ceiling boards meet in order to prevent an unwelcome and unsightly crack appearing.  Whilst these products were used for a new build application, this type of system is a very suitable solution for older or refurbishment projects where, say for example, a structural crack needs to be concealed.  Simply filling, sanding and painting, is not an adequate solution as moisture is able to penetrate the cracks and cause a recurrence of damage. As moisture levels in the air and temperature change take place along with movement in the building, there will be a natural shrinkage and growth of the ceiling, the boards will separate causing these cracks.

The practical application of this system requires a team of trained professional contractors and scaffolding access to allow for the physical application of the re-enforcement tissue to the ceiling. The application of the reemat tissue is similar to wallpapering a ceiling, however the reemat light tissue is extremely light weight, and will stick easily to the wet paint.  Spray application of the embedment coat is recommended as it offers the best results in achieving the required thickness of the paint coating, making it easier to carry out the application of the reemat.

Chessington World of Adventures
Chessington World of Adventures

More than just a Theme Park

Chessington World of Adventure Resort is not only a theme park but it also offers a zoo and hotel complex as well. In 1984 the owners, Merlin Entertainment, decided that due to the decline in attendance they would expand the zoo and create a theme park following their success with Madam Tussauds’s in Baker Street London. A 12 million pound investment was made and with the design influence of John Wardley the theme park was created, a design based on the sister parks of Thorpe Park and Alton Towers.

The park offered a new concept of pay on entry fee replacing the pay-as-you-go admission. The resort offered the roller coaster ride Runaway Mine Train, the monorail Safari Skyway, the log flume Dragon River as well as the Dark Ride. All of these rides were manufactured in Germany by Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co. The park has continued to grow in size and popularity and in 1990 added a firm favourite, the Vampire Ride. To add to the enjoyment and the fantastic rides Chessington has returned to its root’s with the addition of the recently opened Sea Life Centre.

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