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Plastisol Cladding Paint

Metal cladding is commonly used on the exterior of industrial buildings. Often referred to as Plastisol metal profile cladding, it has become extremely popular as a fast cost effective building material for the walls and roofs of commercial properties. The most popular cladding is a box profile galvanized metal that is coated in a suspension of PVC particles in a liquid plasticiser poured on to the metal sheeting and heated to 177 degrees C., left to cool and known as Plastisol.

As the Plastisol polyester painted cladding ages it fades due to the UV rays from the sun.  With age the coating dries out and the edges start to peel and rust forms.

Metal Wall and Roof Cladding Paint
Metal Cladding Paint

What products are available from Promain?

Promain have a range of metal cladding paints including water based, solvent based and also 2 pack. These metal cladding paint coatings are available in over 30,000 colour’s and will revitalize the colour and extend the life of the cladding between 5 and 20 years.

Rustoleum produce either their Metal Cladding Primer and Metal Cladding Topcoat both water based acrylic paint coatings that can be applied by paint brush, roller or airless spray. Rustoleum Mathys also produce the fabulous Noxyde, a unique water based rubber like coating that not only stops corrosion, it has passed the ISO C5-M High testing for corrosion protection suitable for not only Plastisol box cladding but also galvanised roof and wall steel sheeting.

Promain also provide cladding paints from Manor Coatings Hi Build Vinyl Cladding Coating (Vinylast) a solvent based Cladding Paint that can be applied at low temperatures.

For high performance coating with a 25 year life expectancy that are extremely colour stable. Promain are appointed distributors for 3M and are able to offer the 3M Scotchkote Urethane coating PU 846, formerly Thortex Wall-Tech PU.  This durable finish offers excellent adhesion and colour stability to any PVC coated metal sheet cladding. Again this paint can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°C. and has been tested and approved by Corus British Steel.

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