Classidur Water-based Universal Primer

Classidur water-based Universal Primer is good for sealing sooty, chalky or nicotine-coated surfaces prior to decoration with conventional paints. In addition it is an adhesion primer. Use on wood, old undamaged paint, glass and non-ferrous metals.

Classidur Universal Primer
Classidur Universal Primer

Universal Primer is odour free and water-based. It is therefore suitable for application on interior surfaces without the need for ventilation. This includes confined spaces. With fast drying characteristics, Universal Primer is dry after just 4 hours. It has a smooth finish, ready for a coating of your choice of finishing paint.

Stain Blocking Primer

Classidur have now introduced it’s new stain blocking primer to the UK. It is available through the UK Importers Promain UK Limited.

The new primer, called Xtrem, offers even better adhesion and stain blocking properties. Along with all the other products from Classidur the leaders in high performance coatings, the primer is available from

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