Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem

Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem

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Excellent as a nicotine sealer, sealing dried water stains, sooty, chalky or nicotine-coated surfaces prior to further decoration with conventional paints.
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£17.13 (£20.56 Inc VAT)
£17.13 (£20.56 Inc VAT)

Product Description

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Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem is a water based stain block for priming stained surfaces, internally and externally based on Catonic Technology.

Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem is a high performance, fast drying water based coating specially developed using Catonic Technology for priming stained surfaces that are often hard to cover, with excellent adhesion properties that allows for overcoating with all single-component finishes such as emulsion paint.

A water-based stain blocking primer possessing excellent adhesion properties, for interior and exterior use, tension and odour-free.

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Best Uses

Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem can be used internally or externally and has great stain blocking powers for covering soot, nicotine, wood tannins and dried water stains, to name a few. Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem has been specially formulated with a zero tension film which means, no flaking, peeling or cracking.

• Excellent stain-covering (wood tannins, nicotine, soot, dried water stains, etc.)
• Exceptional adhesion properties
• Compatible with all current single-component finishes
• Fast drying (second coat can be applied after 4 hours)
• Smooth finish
• Excellent primer/undercoat for wallpapering


Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem can be applied using brush, roller or airless spray and has a fast drying time of just 2 hours to touch that can recoated after 4 hours with your choice of finishing paint. For the best stain covering, allow a maximum of approximately 11m2 per litre coverage to ensure optimum results.

Surface and Environment

Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem is a multi-purpose substance that can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including, wood, glass, non-ferrous metals, and surfaces that have been previously coated, providing the coating is sound and undamaged. Ideal for internal or external use.

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