About Hygiene Paint & Antibacterial Paint

High performance Antibacterial Paints from Promain

It's always important to know that you are working or living in a safe and hygienic environment and that is why we here at Promain provide our customers with a range of hygiene and antibacterial paint and coatings that can be used on walls and floors to ensure a clean environment at all times. These paints are especially useful in environments such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and dentists where it is very important to keep a high level of hygiene at all times to prevent the spread of germs. We make sure that we sell only the very best hygiene and anti bacterial paints that we know work because we understand how important it is that the spread of disease is kept to a minimum if not completely stopped.

Hygiene Coatings & Paints from Promain

As well as hygienic paints and antibacterial paints, we also have available a range of coatings that are suitable for floors, walls and ceilings as well as sealants and fungicidal washes to make sure that the area is as clean as possible. These products are very popular for use in hospitals but they can also be used in domestic properties to ensure your home is kept as hygienic as possible. The antibacterial paints we supply also come in different finishes such as matt, satin or gloss to give you as much choice as possible, as well as being available in different sized tins depending on the area that you have to paint. Make sure you keep your areas as clean as possible with our fantastic antibacterial paints and coatings which are a simple yet effective way to create a hygienic environment.

Benefits of Hygienic Paint Systems

There are a number of benefits to using a hygienic paint system, including;

    - Protects surfaces against moss, algae and mould
    - Produces an aesthetically pleasing finish
    - Offers chemical resistance
    - Ensures a germ free and anti-bacterial area
    - Offer anti-damp and anti-condensation benefits
    - Improve cleaning and cleanliness
    - Coheres to specific colour schemes

Hygiene Primer Coatings

When Installing hygiene paint systems, it's important to select a hygiene topcoat alongside specialist primer paints to ensure an anti-bacterial surface is created. The combination of the paints and coatings helps to protect against mild chemical exposure, spillages, regular deep cleaning with industrial cleaning products, moisture and humidity. These types of products can not only be used on surfaces but walls and ceilings too.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our range of hygiene paints or antibacterial paints and coatings then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we would be more than happy to advise which product is best for you and answer any questions you may have about our fantastic range of products. Antibacterial Paints are manufactured to meet specific requirements set by governing bodies in hospitals and schools for example, so it's important you choose a product that is suitable for your working environment.