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Promain UK Limited offer you a supply of the finest Anti Graffiti Paints and graffiti protectors available on the market. With products including Rustoleum Pepagraff Hydro Protector, Coo Var Graffiti Remover Liquid, Coo Var Anti Graffiti Coating and Rustoleum Pepagrim Xpress Primer, we know you will find what you are looking for. Promain offers you the ultimate protection and coatings as you succeed to prevent vandals from graffitiing and destroying your walls and fences. The range of products we have on offer are ideal for those businesses and residents who live in areas which are prone to high levels of graffitiing.

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  1. Coo-Var P101 Anti-Graffiti Coating
    Coo-Var P101 Anti-Graffiti Coating

    A clear polyurethane coating which provides resistance against graffiti for walls and ceilings.

    From £251.17 £209.31
  2. Johnstone's Trade 2 Pack Anti Graffiti Glaze
    Johnstone's Trade 2 Pack Anti Graffiti Glaze

    Suitable for application over the top of Johnstones Trade 2 Pack Anti Graffiti Finish.

    From £514.60 £428.83
  3. Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro
    Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro

    A colourless, water based, abrasion and solvent resistant anti-grafitti varnish.

    From £125.64 £104.70
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