Luminous Fluorescent Line

Luminous paint is a very unique coating which effectively glows in the dark. This is very useful in a situation where we have a power cut and we have limited lighting. Most modern buildings now, for regulations, will have emergency lighting; however, to highlight walkways to give people a clear indication of how to get out of the building, the addition of glow-in-the-dark skirting boards with arrows on the walls are a welcome addition.

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  1. Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol
    Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol

    Rustoleum Mathys Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 are ideal for stencils, safety markings and colour coding.

    From £89.99 £74.99

  2. Coo-Var Luminous Paint
    Coo-Var Luminous Paint

    A high visibility paint that glows in the dark and provides an effective safety aid for marking and highlighting.

    From £46.08 £38.40

  3. Coo-Var AST1 Anti-Slip Tapes
    Coo-Var AST1 Anti-Slip Tapes

    Self adhesive tapes for use on Marina Pontoons, Stairways, Doorways, Changing Rooms, and Ramps, Wood, Metal and concrete surfaces.

    From £64.45 £53.71

  4. Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint
    Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint

    A high visibility paint, to identify hazardous objects, for wood, metal or masonry.

    From £59.30 £49.42

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