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About Fluorescent Luminous Paint

Luminous paints are becoming more and more popular, with the constant growing need to identify hazards and problems. For this reason, we offer an extensive range of coatings to our customers throughout the UK. Our luminous coatings are available in a wide range of colours, giving you the freedom you need to find a luminous paint colour to suit your needs. With high visibility, our fluorescent paints are perfect for both interior or exterior use and on various different surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, masonry and metal.

As one of the leading luminous paint suppliers in the UK, Promain offer you the best variety of luminous paint around. Shop for paint below.

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  1. Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint
    Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint

    A high visibility paint, to identify hazardous objects, for wood, metal or masonry.

    From £58.44 £48.70
  2. Coo-Var Luminous Paint
    Coo-Var Luminous Paint

    A high visibility paint that glows in the dark and provides an effective safety aid for marking and highlighting.

    From £37.45 £31.21
  3. Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol
    Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol

    Rustoleum Mathys Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 are ideal for stencils, safety markings and colour coding.

    From £76.26 £63.55

5 Items

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Promain pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality fluorescent luminous paint products to our customers. Our product range includes coatings such as Centrecoat High Visibility PaintCoo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent PaintCoo-Var Luminous Paint and Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoats 2200 Aerosol. With so many options to choose from, we're certain that we have exactly what you need.

Why Choose Luminous Paint?

There are many reasons to choose luminous paint for all of your glow in the dark needs, so we thought we'd outline them here. Some of the key reasons include:

  • High Durability - All of the luminous paint products that we offer are highly durable and are ultra resistant to UV light and all types of weathering. This makes them absolutely perfect for both interior and exterior use.
  • Easily Applied - Our luminous paint is easy to apply and can be applied by brush or roller for more accurate markings, or sprayed on for a different kind of finish.
  • Fast Drying - If you're looking for a fast drying luminous paint, our Centrecoat High Visibility Paint is perfect for you.
  • Many Uses - Fluorescent paint is ideal for line marking on walkways and playgrounds, identification of doorways, exits and fire escapes, and the stencilling of hazardous objects.
  • Solvent Free - The luminous coatings that we offer here at Promain are solvent free, which means everyone using them is safe from the hazardous substances used in some paint products.

We are blessed with a truly fantastic team of experts here at Promain, who are always on hand and ready to be take your call. If you are in need of any advice, whether it be to do with the application of your paint or the various different uses, Promain are happy to help.

Find out how luminous paint works here.

How Do I Apply Luminous Paint?

Luminous paint can be easily applied, when you know exactly what you're doing. At Promain, we strive to help our customers in any way we can, which is why we will explain how to best apply your paints and coatings.

The luminous paint will need to be applied over a white foundation, a white undercoat or white primer first of all, which will help to make it really stand out. If you put this paint on a black background it can turn out patchy. During the lighter hours of the day, the paint will have an off-white sort of colour. If you looking to apply your luminous paint to an external area, you will need to put a clear protective gloss over the top of the paint.