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  1. KEIM Soldalit Arte
    KEIM Soldalit Arte

    A sol-silicate based, titanium dioxide-free exterior paint, formulated to provide historical aesthetic to period buildings.

    From £102.34 £85.28
  2. Remmers Color LA
    Remmers Color LA

    A true silicone resin exterior masonry paint with film preservative for surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi.

    From £82.24 £68.53
  3. Teknos Siloksan Anti-Carb
    Teknos Siloksan Anti-Carb

    A matt, water-borne and acrylate-based protective paint for concrete. It protects concrete from carbonation.

    From £73.85 £61.54
  4. KEIM Concretal Black
    KEIM Concretal Black

    A modern architectural sol-silicate concrete paint for opaque coatings in intensive black.

    From £145.80 £121.50
  5. Teknos Siloksan Façade
    Teknos Siloksan Façade

    A water-borne, full-matt silicone emulsion based masonry paint for mineral surfaces.

    From £26.59 £22.16
  6. Mapei Silexcolor Tonachino, 20 Kg
    Mapei Silexcolor Tonachino, 20 Kg

    A one pack, modified potassium silicate mineral plaster in paste form available in different grain sizes for interior and exterior finishings.

    From £88.93 £74.11
  7. Mapei Silexcolor Base Coat
    Mapei Silexcolor Base Coat

    A base coat formulated to even out surfaces by filling defeats on old render prior to Mapei Silexcolor Top Coat.

    From £120.25 £100.21
  8. Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint
    Mapei Silexcolor Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint

    Mapei Silicate based, vapour-permeable Mineral Silicate Masonry Paint for cement or lime based renders.

    From £151.32 £126.10
  9. KEIM Soldalit ME
    KEIM Soldalit ME

    Keim Soldalit ME is a durable exterior mineral coating with the added advantage of staying cleaner for longer.

    From £102.34 £85.28
  10. KEIM Royalan
    KEIM Royalan

    A mineral silicate based paint for hot, humid tropical conditions or harsh cold or coastal environments.

    From £93.60 £78.00
  11. KEIM Granital Mineral Paint
    KEIM Granital Mineral Paint

    High performance silicate-based mineral exterior paint, Environmentally friendly and highly water-repellent.

    From £91.42 £76.18
  12. KEIM Soldalit Silicate Paint
    KEIM Soldalit Silicate Paint

    Multi-purpose exterior sol silicate paint system based on a combination of silica sol and potassium silicate binding agents.

    From £93.91 £78.26

23 Items

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