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Over time UPVC can fade and lose it's original colour. More often than not people would like to rectify this, and as cleaning simply isn't enough, a paint coating is often required. However, a lot of paints will simply not stick to plastics, and especially not UPVC. This is where the Bedec Multi Surface Paint is very useful. Check our UPVC Paint range below.

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  1. Bedec Multi Surface Paint MSP
    Bedec Multi Surface Paint MSP

    A quick drying and versatile, non-yellowing water based paint, available in a wide range of colours and a choice of finishes.

    From £19.20 £16.00
  2. Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint
    Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint

    An oil-based multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces and a rust inhibiting primer all in one.

    From £21.02 £17.52
  3. Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat
    Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat

    A solvent based 2 pack PU applied without a primer to glass splash backs, plant, agricultural equipment, plastics etc.

    From £86.60 £72.17
  4. Rustoleum CombiColor 7300MS Multi-Surface
    Rustoleum CombiColor 7300MS Multi-Surface

    A solvent based primer and topcoat all in one that can be applied direct on many different surfaces.

    From £31.87 £26.56
  5. Rustoleum Pegalink Universal Adhesion Primer
    Rustoleum Pegalink Universal Adhesion Primer

    Rustoleum Pegalink universal adhesion primer for uPVC,and galvanised steel and all smooth surfaces.

    From £18.13 £15.11
  6. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss (Solvent Based)
    Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss (Solvent Based)

    A mould resistant paint for all exterior surfaces, including wood, metal, uPVC, brick and more.

    From £58.74 £48.95
  7. Teknos Futura 3 Adhesion Primer
    Teknos Futura 3 Adhesion Primer

    A full matt multi-purpose alkyd primer that can be used both as primer, primer surfacer, adhesion primer and intermediate coating.

    From £19.75 £16.46
  8. Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3393
    Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3393

    A water borne two pack polyurethane topcoat, suitable for application to various composite materials and certain plastics.

    From £61.08 £50.90
  9. Bradite One Can Prime, Block & Finish OC64
    Bradite One Can Prime, Block & Finish OC64

    A quick drying, low odour, primer/finish coat, with stain blocking, and anti corrosion, which can be tinted to most colours.

    From £21.60 £18.00

14 Items

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UPVC Paint

At Promain we are a leading supplier of UPVC paint and stock one of the largest product ranges of UPVC paints from many paint brands and manufacturers. With this in mind, we can provide you with UPVC paint products that are suitable for a range of areas, this includes windows and doors as well as for home and commercial properties. Whatever you require the paint for we have got you covered, our range of UPVC paints and coatings are suitable for different conditions and applications. Whatever your requirements at Promain we are also home to a handy technical team who are experts in everything to do with paint and coatings, so should you have any questions or queries regarding the UPVC paint products that we offer, feel free to get in touch with Promain today, we always ensure that we’ve got your needs and requirements covered.

UPVC Door Paint

Our range of UPVC door paints are all of the highest standards, with this in mind you can always trust Promain as we are considered to be one of the UK’s leading UPVC door paint stockists. Our professional experts have a wealth of experience in paint and coatings and make sure that they only provide top quality UPVC door paints, as well as years of experience we are also vastly knowledgeable when it comes to UPVC painting and coatings. When looking for UPVC paints, you can trust that Promain will have all of your needs covered, from UPVC door paint, to UPVC window paint, we stock everything that you need to renovate and refurbish your door and windows. What’s more is when you choose to buy UPVC door paint from Promian, rest assured that you’ll receive top quality products at great prices.

Preparing UPVC for Painting: How to paint UPVC?

Still, preparation is required on the plastic. You need to lightly abrade the surface with either a green Scotch Pad or a fine sandpaper, and once this is done, wipe it down with methylated spirits. Methylated spirits removes any residual oils or grease and evaporates quickly, leaving no residue behind. Once this is done apply the Bedec MSP (two coats are advised).

Now, if you're painting something like a window frame or a panelled door, we often recommend the addition of a paint conditioner, namely the Owatrol Floetrol. What Floetrol does, it slows down the drying time of the MSP paint which otherwise tends to dry rather quickly. This can leave brush strokes which are undesirable. Floetrol helps alleviate that problem and gives you a much more professional finish, similar to that of paint which has been applied by spray.

Applying Paint to UPVC

Use of a good quality brush also helps. The Prodec X7 or X9 we find to be very useful. Once you've applied two coats, allow your coating to fully dry. Even though it will be touch dry after about four hours, the paint tends to be soft for the first two or three weeks but it will still be resilient to any weathering. After about three or four weeks the paint does become very tough, very hard wearing and difficult to damage. Don't forget, if you don't like the color, you can always paint it again.

Call Promain’s technical support team today if you have any questions or queries relating to Bedec MSP or any of the other UPVC Paints and Coatings found within this section. If you have any questions about upvc paint for windows or upvc paint for doors, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

UPVC Front Door Paint

Should you be searching for ‘UPVC paint’ for doors and windows, take a look at Promain’s range of paint products today, we supply a large range of UPVC paints for windows and doors. What’s more is our paints are all suitable for a range of applications, whether it's your UPVC doors or windows, our range of products have got you covered. Whatever your requirements, at Promain, you can trust that you’re in the right place, we are experts in UPVC door and window paints and stock a range of options as well as different paint colours.

Painting UPVC Windows

The UPVC paint that we stock here at Promain is from world class paint manufactures and we will also make sure that we provide top quality and high performance window and door paints. What’s more is they are also known to be the brand of choice for a range of customers across the UK. When you choose Promain for UPVC windows and door paint, you will receive value for money products, the won’t just ensure your home looks great, but that it is protected from the elements. For more information on the UPVC paint that we stock, please get in touch with the team at Promain today.


When you require UPVC paint, Promain is the company to call on, we provide great options for all of your UPVC coating and paint requirements. So whatever your needs we are fully stocked up with a range of UPVC paint suitable for windows and doors. What’s more is we also offer quick delivery, so should you be unsure of the exact UPVC paint that you need, don’t worry, contact the Promain technical team today, we can answer any questions or queries that you may have.

For UPVC Paint, Contact Promain Today

If you are looking for UPVC paint, make sure that you consider Promain, we offer a large selection of high quality UPVC paint products that are available to purchase online. Should you require any help or advice when it comes to the collection of UPVC paints that we stock, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, our technical team will be more than happy to help.


Can you paint UPVC doors?

Yes you can paint UPVC doors, at Promain we advise a number of steps are followed when it comes to painting UPVC doors. Firstly, remove any door furniture, such as door knobs, knockers and letterboxes, removing these extra will provide you with a simpler surface that you can paint over. It also means that you will have the option of refreshing your front food before you put it back. You will need to prepare your UPVC door before painting, give it a sweep with a brush to remove any cobwebs or dust, you can then use a light sandpaper on all of the door’s surface to create a surface that the paint will stick to. Ensure that you go all over the door frame, next we advise that you pick your UPVC paint, at Promain we stock a large range of UPVC door paint. Some paints may require a primer and some may not, it all depends on the type that you choose, at Promain all of our products come with weather protection and will ensure that your UPVC door looks great for longer. Make sure that you use a good quality brush or roller, whatever you find is easier to use and will provide you with the best application.

How to paint a UPVC door?

Before painting the UPVC door it's important to remember that due to the nature of the surface it will show up brush marks, ridges and drips in the paint, so if you’re not confident about doing it, then we advise that you think twice. An option for a more even finish is to use a spray gun to apply the paint, it will provide a smoother finish, you also need to remember to wait for the paint to dry inbetween coats and this can take a long time.

Can UPVC front doors be painted?

Yes you can paint your UPVC front door, firstly, we advise that you thoroughly clean and degrease the door, this means that any substances that may affect the paint will be removed. Next you should dry the door, then it's important that you create a surface that a primer can work with, you can do this by lightly sanding the surface with fine sandpaper. It's important that you’re careful not to use rough paper or to rub too hard as you may end up with scratches that will show through the paint, next dry clean the door to remove all of the dust. Next we advise that you use a UPVC primer which again, may need more than one coat, you must wait for each coat to dry before applying a new one. You should then wait a few days for the primer to site before you apply the top coat. You can use acrylic or polyurethane based paint, this will have better expansion properties and will avoid cracking. Actually painting the door is going to be the most difficult step and will require a lot of attention. We advise that you use a good quality brush and that you take your time.

Can you paint UPVC windows?

Yes you can paint UPVC windows, it's a great way to refresh the exterior of your UPVC windows and many homeowners tend to paint their UPVC windows to add extra curb appeal. We advise that you don’t just go straight in and paint them, you will need to consider the type of UPVC frame that you have, during the manufacturing process, UPVC windows include an extra layer of plastic that is added to make the UPVC window seem shiny. This isn’t a surface that you paint on, also any UPVC that has been newly installed will need to be left for 12 months before you can paint it.

Why should I choose Promain for UPVC paint?

When in need of UPVC paints and coatings, look no further, the team at Promain have always got you covered, we are renowned for being the UK’s leading provider of paints and coatings and with this in mind we are home to an experienced team of UPVC paint experts. Whatever your specifications and requirements, from industrial UPVC paint to UPVC paint for your home including window and door paint, we have got you covered. Should you have any questions or queries regarding the UPVC paint that we stock and supply, please get in touch with Promain today.