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Here at Prommain, we’re proud to provide a range of painting tools and accessories across the UK. Having supplied painting tools and painting accessories online for many years now, we have become the first choice for many in search of the best products, at affordable prices. With years of experience behind us, we have developed an outstanding reputation for both our quality of painting tools and accessories and our customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking online for painting accessories and paint tools, come to none other than Promain, we’re confident that we’ll have your every need covered.

Promain supply a range of painting tools that can be used not only for painting, but for lots of other DIY projects too. From paint tools like colour charts and paddle mixers, to other items, such as Bedec profilers for the edges of baths and gas torches, we have the solution for you. With the painting tools we have available you will be able to find everything you could need for any type of DIY job or trade work all in one place.

All of the items that we have available are all long lasting and durable products that can be completely trusted. We only source our products from the best manufacturers in the trade to give you complete peace of mind as well as high quality products that you know you can trust.

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  1. Walther Strong Utility Duct Tape
    Walther Strong Utility Duct Tape

    Developed for low-level, everyday use on construction sites and for general home repairs.

    From £4.68 £3.90

  2. Walther Strong Ultimate Duct Tape
    Walther Strong Ultimate Duct Tape

    Ideal heavy duty duct tape for heavy duty use.

    From £6.12 £5.10

  3. Walther Strong No-Res Tape
    Walther Strong No-Res Tape

    A replacement for duct tape than leaves no residue behind.

    From £9.72 £8.10

  4. Beko Pro4 Premium Silicone
    Beko Pro4 Premium Silicone

    Professional premium silicone sealant that does it all in one.

    From £11.16 £9.30

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