Anti-Slip Additives

Anti Slip Additives have been specifically designed as a way of increasing the level of anti-slip produced by a paint or coating. These Anti Slip Aggregates are available in a range of sizes and styles, Anti Slip Additives will add a course sharp anti-skid finish to almost any surface you wish to coat. Whether you wish to create a safer working environment, or enhance how safe the external walking areas of your factory or workshop are use our anti slip aggregate. Promain have the anti-slip products here to meet your requirements.

Below you will find Anti Slip Additives from industry leaders, such as Centrecoat, Rustoleum, Protecta-Kote, Sika, and Coo-Var, where all products provided have been specially made to create a non-slip surface where applied.

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  1. Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate
    Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate

    A quartz sand aggregate to add to floors to increase slip resistance supplied in 25 Kg bag.

    From £48.77 £40.64
  2. Centrecoat Emery Aggregate
    Centrecoat Emery Aggregate

    A hard, angular aggregate mineral for use in Centrecoat slip resistant flooring and decking systems.

    From £38.15 £31.79
  3. Mapei Quarzo Quartz Sand
    Mapei Quarzo Quartz Sand

    A kiln dried quartz sand for use with Mapei epoxy and polyurethane resins. Available in 0.25, 0.5, 0.9, 1.2 and 1.9mm particle sizes.

    From £24.72 £20.60
  4. Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300
    Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300

    Non-skid additive, can be added directly to the liquid coating or broadcast over the final wet finish.

    From £10.51 £8.76
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