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About Anti-Slip Additives

Anti Slip Additives have been specifically designed as a way of increasing the level of anti-slip produced by a paint or coating. These Anti Slip Aggregates are available in a range of sizes and styles, Anti Slip Additives will add a course sharp anti-skid finish to almost any surface you wish to coat. Whether you wish to create a safer working environment, or enhance how safe the external walking areas of your factory or workshop are use our anti slip aggregate. Promain have the anti-slip products here to meet your requirements.

Below you will find Anti Slip Additives from industry leaders, such as Centrecoat, Rustoleum, Protecta-Kote, Sika, and Coo-Var, where all products provided have been specially made to create a non-slip surface where applied.

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  1. Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300
    Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300

    Non-skid additive, can be added directly to the liquid coating or broadcast over the final wet finish.

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For all year round protection against slips and falls, Anti Slip Additives are the way forward. These anti-slip aggregates can be applied to a range of different surfaces, including concrete and tarmac, and are ideal for application to stairs, steps, walkways and ramps where a safe, anti slip finish is required.

If you are unsure about what paint you can use Anti Slip Additives with, the Promain Technical Support Team are always on hand to answer any questions you have. Generally, if a paint is thick enough to hold the anti-slip additive, then it should work. Most water and solvent based Epoxy Coatings, Alkyd Coatings, and PU Polyurethane Paints are suitable for adding Anti Slip Additives to.

Anti Slip Additives are designed to work in addition to floor paints, where Promain can add the additives for you, or you can add these by hand. Anti Slip Additives can also be broadcast on an already painted (but still wet) surface, offering a greater degree of control.

Promain also offer Multi Coloured Paint Flakes that can be applied in addition to any Anti Slip Additives found within this range. This assists in creating a decorative finish in areas that require both protection and an appealing look.

If you are unsure which of our Anti Slip Additives to choose from, and how best to use them in combination with your floor paint, then make sure you utilise our expertise and get in touch. We can save you a lot of time and money, and ensure you choose the right coatings and additives to suit your needs.