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The marine boat gloss that Promain supply includes products from the biggest manufacturers in the marine industry, including Flag Seajet, Teamac and Jotun. Our marine gloss range offers fantastic adhesion to surfaces such as metal, wood and fibreglass and gloss that can be used both above and below the waterline. We make sure that we source our products from only the very best manufacturers in order to to provide our customers with top quality marine gloss whilst making sure our prices are reasonable and competitive.


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  1. Teamac Marine Gloss
    Teamac Marine Gloss

    A high quality marine paint with good adhesive properties and is suitable for marine environments and vessels.

    From £51.71 £43.09
  2. Jotun Pilot II
    Jotun Pilot II

    A single component oxidatively drying alkyd coating for engines, topside, deck and superstructure.

    From £45.72 £38.10
  3. Jotun Hardtop AX
    Jotun Hardtop AX

    A two component chemically curing high gloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating that offers resistance to UV degradation and good chemical resista...

    From £95.94 £79.95
  4. PPG SigmaDur One
    PPG SigmaDur One

    For use on both internal and external surfaces on boats and ships, for both maintenance and the improvement of aesthetics.

    From £86.04 £71.70
  5. Teamac P101 High Performance Marine Gloss
    Teamac P101 High Performance Marine Gloss

    A scratch resistant mirror finish, non yellowing gloss boat paint for hulls and decks.

    From £51.19 £42.66
  6. Sherwin Williams Acrolon 1850 Acrylic Epoxy Finish
    Sherwin Williams Acrolon 1850 Acrylic Epoxy Finish

    A two pack isocyanate free finish based on an acrylic epoxy binder system. NORSOK M501 Rev 6 System 1.

    From £121.69 £101.41
  7. Hempel Hempalin Enamel 52140
    Hempel Hempalin Enamel 52140

    Glossy, general purpose topcoat. For mildly to moderately corrosive environment. For exterior and interior usage.

    From £49.85 £41.54
  8. Sherwin Williams Acrolon 7300 Acrylic Finish
    Sherwin Williams Acrolon 7300 Acrylic Finish

    A high solids, tin free, PU with fast drying and high gloss attributes for use where long term exterior gloss and colour retention is required.

    From £104.33 £86.94
  9. International Intersheen 579
    International Intersheen 579

    A fast drying, single pack modified acrylic cosmetic finish for above the waterline in marine environments.

    From £74.75 £62.29
  10. International Interlac 665
    International Interlac 665

    A single pack alkyd high gloss finish suitable as a easily maintained cosmetic finish coat on areas above the waterline.

    From £49.39 £41.16
  11. Bonda 15 Year Paint For Line Marking
    Bonda 15 Year Paint For Line Marking

    A one part, PU coating for line marking on London Underground Stations. LuL APR #2865.

    From £47.40 £39.50
  12. Owatrol Owalak Premium Marine Enamel
    Owatrol Owalak Premium Marine Enamel

    A premium, high gloss marine enamel for use on all boat marine substrates above the waterline.

    From £63.04 £52.53
  13. Tikkurila Temadur 50
    Tikkurila Temadur 50

    A two pack, semi gloss polyurethane coating for steel structures subject to weathering or chemical stress. LuL APR No.2940

    From £50.40 £42.00
  14. Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC
    Carboline Carbomastic 18 FC

    A fast-curing, heavy duty, high-build anti-corrosive coating for marine and other corrosive environments.

    From £73.20 £61.00
  15. Sherwin Williams Kem-Kromik 165 - Formerly Leighs A165
    Sherwin Williams Kem-Kromik 165 - Formerly Leighs A165

    A highly durable, silicone alkyd high gloss finish designed for external marine superstructures.

    From £483.86 £403.22

20 Items

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Our range of marine boat gloss maintains long term gloss and colour retention due to being UV resistant as well as providing a very tough and durable finish especially against abrasion and it is also easy to achieve a mirror shine when applied by hand. Our range of marine glosses also come in a choice of colours to ensure you get exactly the product that you want. Marine gloss is perfect for, and offers easy application when being used on, topsides, decks and superstructures as well as being quick drying. You really won’t find a better choice of marine gloss products combined with such good prices anywhere else so make sure that you look no further than Promain. All of the marine boat gloss that we supply have become popular products for many boat owners to ensure a high gloss finish every time and that is why we provide our customers with these products as we know that they are trustworthy and reliable. 

If you are unsure as to which product would be best for you, or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Promain as one of our team would be more than happy to help.