Cold Galvanising Aerosols

If you are looking for cold galvanising aerosols then you have come to the right place. The process of galvanising allows you to add a protective layer of Zinc on iron or steel surfaces to prevent them from rusting. Galvanising is a great method of protecting steel and iron surfaces in a cost effective way.

Steel is a very popular material as it is very versatile and is very popular when it comes to the construction of buildings and structure. Steel has one weakness - it is very prone to corrosion. If a steel surface has any contact with water or moisture it is very easy for rust to occur and spread. Rust can be very damaging to the surface of steel and therefore makes the steel surface a lot more weaker and can damage the surface of the steel.

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  1. Rustoleum Hard Hat 2185 1085 Galva Zinc
    Rustoleum Hard Hat 2185 1085 Galva Zinc

    Cold galvanising zinc paint for cathodic anti corrosion metal protection and rust resistance.

    From £21.60 £18.00

  2. Zinga Zingaspray - 500ml Aerosol
    Zinga Zingaspray - 500ml Aerosol

    Zinga 500ml 96% Zinc aerosol with all the protection of Zinga 96% Zinc Cathodic Protection.

    From £19.44 £16.20

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