Flat Roof Waterproofing Paint

Promain offer a wide range of paints, sealants and flat roof waterproofing paints for bituminous, corrugated asbestos, concrete and rolled felt flat roofs. This includes products to seal small leaks or to repair and waterproof a complete flat roof. For example Rustoleum Dacfill HZ provides a rubber like coating encapsulating a complete Mineral Felt or Bitumen Roof.

Fixing Guttering with Waterproofing Paint

Gutters can be repaired instantly with waterproofing kits. If your guttering has cracks or fractures in its structure, has been dmagaed due to blockages or any other issue, then products like Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres and Flag Roofix offer a life expectancy of 10 years against failure or leaks. Meaning these quality products can save you money in the long run.

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  1. FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair
    FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair

    Roofix 20/10 Stops roofs leaking for 10 years, a fibre reinforced roofing paint with excellent flexibility and durability. Designed to last over 10 ye...

    From £51.60 £43.00
  2. Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing
    Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing

    Instant waterproofing with added fibres for flat / corrugated roofs, flat roof repair, shed roof repair, gutter repair, etc.

    From £15.04 £12.53
  3. Acrypol + Waterproof Coating
    Acrypol + Waterproof Coating

    Acrypol + Roof and Gutter Repair Compound for instant repairs to flat roofs and gutters.

    From £84.00 £70.00
  4. LRS Karnak 19 Ultra Instant Roof Repair
    LRS Karnak 19 Ultra Instant Roof Repair

    A next generation, flexible rubberised bitumen for instant roof repair. Even works underwater!

    From £62.24 £51.87
  5. Sika Liquid Plastics D-10 RoofPro - Formerly Sikalastic 618
    Sika Liquid Plastics D-10 RoofPro - Formerly Sikalastic 618

    Part of the Decothane liquid roofing range of paint coatings.

    From £348.71 £290.59
  6. LRS Karnak Elasto-Kote Base and Topcoat
    LRS Karnak Elasto-Kote Base and Topcoat

    A highly elastic, thermoplastic rubber-based, single component exterior waterproofing coating for roofs.

    From £389.27 £324.39
  7. Rustoleum Dacfill HZ Rubber Paint for Flat Roofs
    Rustoleum Dacfill HZ Rubber Paint for Flat Roofs

    For waterproofing zero degree, flat horizontal roofs, pitched roofs, gutters, lead strips etc. Resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, heat, frost and p...

    From £204.00 £170.00
  8. Rustoleum Primer 44 HS
    Rustoleum Primer 44 HS

    Ideal for Corrugated Fibre Asbestos roofs to improve the adherence of topcoats Rustoleum Dacfill or Rustoleum Dacfill HZ.

    From £77.38 £64.48
  9. Sika Sikalastic RoofPro Advanced
    Sika Sikalastic RoofPro Advanced

    A 1 pack, cold-applied polyurethane membrane. Cures to form a seamless, durable and weather-resistant waterproofing solution.

    From £674.99 £562.49
  10. Tor Elastaseal EC/TC
    Tor Elastaseal EC/TC

    A 1 pack, fully reinforced, cold liquid DIY applied system. No on site mixing and no need for heat or naked flames.

    From £451.68 £376.40
  11. Beko Hydro-Stop
    Beko Hydro-Stop

    A single pack, ready to apply, highly flexible sealant for gap bridging up to 5mm on mineral surfaces subject to damp.

    From £23.12 £19.27
  12. Britannia Durashield
    Britannia Durashield

    A cold applied waterproofing system with a 10 year life expectancy.

    From £67.04 £55.87
  13. Rustoleum Fillcoat Waterproofing
    Rustoleum Fillcoat Waterproofing

    Instant waterproofing for flat and corrugated roofs, flat roof repair, box gutter repair, ridge tiles, chimney stacks, outlet pipes, etc.

    From £15.04 £12.53
  14. Britannia Aquashield
    Britannia Aquashield

    A ready to use product that will instantly weatherproof exposed surfaces with just one coat.

    From £41.66 £34.72
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