Sika Reemat Premium

Non Hazardous
Glass fibre reinforcing mat, part of Sika's roofing system and for construction and refurbishment projects.
Available in 1.255m x 90m and 0.3 x 90m Rolls
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Product Description

Sika Reemat Premium provides glass fibre mat reinforcement as part of Sika's roofing system.

Best Uses

Sika Reemat Premium is best used as part of Sika's roofing system, which is also supplied by Promain. It can be used on construction and refurbishment projects. It is particularly useful for roofs with many details and complex geometry or when accessibility is limited.

Sika Reemat Premium has a feathered edge to reduce visible joints.


Can be used for total or partial reinforcement of roofs, as part of Sika's roofing systems. Particularly useful for moulding around protrusions, joints, corners and other surface details.

Surface and Environment

A elastomeric glass fibre matting for use on roofs in new construction and refurbishment environments.

Technical Details


Sika Reemat Premium is used within the following Sika systems:

  • Sikafloor Pronto RB-55 System Sheet
  • Sikafloor-RB 58

See Data Sheets tab for System sheet downloadable PDF.

Technical Info

  • Glass fibre reinforcement mat
  • Increases strength and durability
  • Highly flexible
  • Weight 300gms per square metres
  • Easy and quick application
  • Ensures correct thickness of base coat
  • Enhances crack-bridging properties of base coat
  • Sika Reemat Premium 300 has a feathered edge to reduce visible joints
  • Can be used in new build or construction projects
  • Available in 0.95m x 140m rolls or 0.3m x 90m rolls

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