Anti Climb Paint

Here at Promain, we’re proud to offer anti climb paints and anti vandal paints across the UK. Regardless of the property you require anti climb paint for, rest assured that Promain have all your needs covered. Having provided anti climb paints and anti vandal paints throughout the UK for some time now, we have become the first choice for many. Nothing is off limits to us, so if you’re looking to order anti climb paint online, come to none other than Promain. Please feel free to browse our range of legal anti climb paint and anti vandal paint below. If you require any further information on our anti climb paint and anti vandal paint products, paint also known as non drying and anti vandal coatings, then please be sure to contact us.

Promain UK Limited offers you a range of products used to prevent intruders, they can be used on pipes, gutters, window sills, fencing and walls . These are known as Anti Climb Paints but can also be referred to as Anti Intruder Paint, Anti Vandal Paint or Non-drying Paint. The clue is in the name, Anti Climb Paint, it does what it says, prevents people, or intruders from climbing up, walls, fences, drains, parapets, ledges, gates or drainpipes. These products are ideal for those who want to protect their homes or businesses from theft or burglary. If anyone does attempt to intrude on your property and lays hands or clothing upon the paint, they will be left covered in an obvious sign that they tried to burgle you or intrude for some reason and they will be instantly identifiable in their attempt to flee from the scene.

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  1. FLAG Anti-Climb Paint
    FLAG Anti-Climb Paint

    Designed to stay tacky to deter intruders, can be applied to walls, parapets, downpipes, gutters, window sills and fencing.

    From £46.38 £38.65
  2. Coo-Var C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint
    Coo-Var C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint

    A thick non-drying paint providing a slippery surface containing a hidden identifier.

    From £62.63 £52.19
  3. Blackfriar Non Drying Anti Climb Paint
    Blackfriar Non Drying Anti Climb Paint

    A thick, non-drying coating that deters potential intruders by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst marking hands and clothing.

    From £40.92 £34.10
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