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As with all the products Promain supply, we are more than happy to provide you with any advice you need reagarding how they work and the best ones to use. The same goes for our range of worktop oils and cupboard paints. These worktop oil and cupboard paints are perfect for the use on wooden worktops and kitchen furniture to give them a natural and protected finish. We also supply primers which are designed for application to kitchen type surfaces as well to aid in the application of our worktop treatments. The worktop oils we supply can be used not only on kitchen worktops but also on decking, garden furnitures, boats and other surfaces. Contact Promain today for more information.

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  1. Lacq Rapidoil 2C
    Lacq Rapidoil 2C

    A two pack protective coloured coating for internal wooden flooring, furniture and other wooden surfaces. Protects in a single coat.

    From £78.77 £65.64

  2. Osmo Top Oil for Wood Worktops
    Osmo Top Oil for Wood Worktops

    Food safe wood oil protection for desks, worktops, shelving etc.

    From £22.62 £18.85

  3. Linitop Grain Filler
    Linitop Grain Filler

    A clear, semi gloss wood grain filler formulated to fill small surface imperfections in wood prior to application of a suitable top varnish.

    From £24.83 £20.69

  4. Osmo Spray Wax
    Osmo Spray Wax

    A sprayable version of the renowned Osmo Polyx-Oil, with a high quality, durable, microporous oil and wax combination.

    From £80.76 £67.30

  5. Teknos Teknocoat Aqua 2575-32
    Teknos Teknocoat Aqua 2575-32

    A water-borne semi-gloss topcoat for internal wood such as cladding, mouldings, doors, window frames and furniture.

    From £42.26 £35.22

  6. Teknos Motivo Colorato 2070
    Teknos Motivo Colorato 2070

    A coloured, quick-drying, single component topcoat for interior furniture and general joinery.

    From £187.31 £156.09

  7. Teknos Aquafine 8336
    Teknos Aquafine 8336

    A water-borne coating used to create aesthetically demanding surfaces of exceptional quality.

    From £293.80 £244.83

  8. Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80
    Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80

    A multi-purpose internal furniture paint available in 3 gloss levels. Suitable for coating both metal and wood internally.

    From £72.40 £60.33

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