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High Performance Concrete Repair Mortar

As the UK's leading supplier of Concrete Repair Mortar, Promain offer an extensive range of products that can help resurface and repair both interior and exterior concrete. These products are perfect for use on both floors and walls. If you are seeking a self levelling, heavy duty and light duty epoxy concrete repair mortar, joint sealant or crack filler for deep fill or fine cracks, we are able to supply you with these.

Concrete Wall Repair

Concrete Floor Repair

Concrete Wall Repair

Concrete Wall Repair

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Class R2 Approved

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High Quality Concrete Mortar

Promain always make sure we have everything you could need to repair any damage that has been made to a concrete surface. We also have available specialised cold room repair mortar, damp surface primers in both cementitious and epoxy as well as light weight low slump mortars for walls. If cracks appear in walls or floors they can be unsightly but also can cause trip hazards which is why it is important to repair them as soon as possible and that is why we make sure that we have a great range of concrete wall and concrete floor repair products available, all of which are high quality products. With the great quality products that we have available it makes it easy to carry out any repairs that are required.

Concrete Floor Repair

Cracks in concrete floors can not only be unsightly but can also be dangerous and can cause trip hazards. Here at Promain we make sure that we sell only the very best concrete floor repair products that have been created to deal with cracks in concrete floors in the best way possible. As well as concrete floors these products can also be used on concrete stairs and stair edges to ensure a safe surface for any concrete flooring. Whether it is for internal or external use we are sure to have the perfect product to suit your specific needs. Our fantastic team of experts are always on hand to discuss the best product for you so if you have any queries or questions then make sure you give us a call as we would be more than happy to answer your questions and to point you in the direction of the best product for your needs.

Concrete Wall Repair

As the UK's leading supplier of Concrete Repair Epoxy Mortars for Walls, Promain offer an extensive range of construction and repair products which are ideal when it comes to repair tasks for interior and exterior facades and soffits. We understand that it is important for you to be able to trust the product you are using to do the job properly and that is why we only supply products that have come from the leading manufacturers. With our fantastic range of concrete repair products you no longer have to worry about any cracks that have occurred on your walls, whether they are interior or exterior walls. The products that are available from us here at Promain make sure that you have the very best materials to deal with any cracks that may have appeared. We have crack repair products that are perfect for both commercial use such as factories and warehouses or for use in domestic environments.

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When you are buying concrete mortar be sure to buy from Promain Paint, the UK’s leading concrete mortar supplier. Our team has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all types of concrete mortar , whether you are looking for grey concrete repair mix or high strength concrete repair, you can rest assured that we have your needs covered, whether you are looking to paint a commercial or domestic property. What’s more when you choose to buy concrete mortar from Promian you can trust all of our products are available at great prices.

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If you are looking for concrete repair materials then you have definitely come to the right place as we stock the perfect repair products that can be used on both internal and external walls and floors. If you have any questions about our products or if you require any advice before purchasing then make sure that you give us a call and one of our team of experts will be more than happy to help and advise which product would be most suitable for your requirements. Here at Promain we only ever provide products that we would be happy using ourselves and therefore we make sure that we supply only the very best concrete repair mortars and products at excellent prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Mortar

What is concrete repair mortar?

Concrete repair mortars are generally split into two different groups, cementitious and epoxy, based on their repair qualities and both of which can be used for different applications.

Cementitious Concrete Repair Mortars - Cementitious concrete mortars, like the name suggests, are a cement-based mortar traditionally used in the construction of structures using building blocks or bricks and is a commonly used material for building walkways, fences and walls. Cementitious concrete repair mortars tend to be more prone to damage and deterioration than the surrounding structural bricks which is a common point of concrete repair, but the material is readily available for carrying out touch repairs or full restorations.

Modified cementitious concrete repair mortars are also used, with additives which contribute necessary qualities for efficient concrete repair, including anti-corrosion properties, preventing rust to internal supports and protecting against moisture absorption.

Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortars - A specially formulated epoxy for use with eroded or cracked concrete flooring, epoxy concrete repair mortars are used to provide new strength to damaged concrete and, in most cases, offer a permanent repair that is tough enough to stand up to most heavy use.

Epoxy concrete repair mortars are popular for use in repairing concrete as they are fast curing and can be layered up to fill cracks and gaps greater than 50mm in depth, making it versatile for most repair situations.

Can you repair cracks in concrete driveways?

Whether your driveway suffers from hairline cracks or larger crevices, here are some tips on how you can carry out DIY repairs.

  1. Cleaning - To ensure the old concrete and the new repair material bonds properly, you need to clean the crack by removing any loose bits or debris. All you need for this task is a chisel and a wire brush.
  2. Filling - Once you are happy that the repair site is clean, you can move on to fill the crack. If the crack is small, you can use something like concrete caulking. For more significant fractures, you can fill it with pourable concrete mixture or a concrete sealer. You will need a trowel or something similar to ensure you pat the repair material tightly into the crack.
  3. Curing - Now you can just wait for the patch to dry. The time it takes for this to happen would depend on the product you are using, as some are designed to dry out quicker than others.
  4. Sealing - Finally, you can protect your concrete from future cracks by applying a sealer over it. This would prevent future water damage.

Can you repair concrete?

Cracked concrete is not properly repaired with more concrete or cement mortar. It does not matter whether this is a concrete path, slab, base or drive. Unless the crack or hole is more that 1 cubic foot or 0.1 cubic metres, the correct method of repairing damaged concrete is with an epoxy repair mortar

What is the best concrete crack repair product?

Like most shopping products, there is an endless amount of manufacturers and suppliers developing their own products, looking to sell in the concrete repair market. Here at Promain we have a number of concrete repair mortar available. It is difficult to pick a specific type and brand of paint because everyone’s needs are different. More often than not you will need different types of sprays for different scenarios.

For more information and advice on what the best concrete crack repair product is, be sure to get in touch with our team today.

Can you patch concrete?

Once you have a good, sticky surface for the concrete, simply add water to premixed concrete and patch the crack. For small patching jobs, use a pre-mixed concrete patch. If you use a ready-mix concrete patch, all you need to add is water. Fill the crack completely and tamp the patch.