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Promain UK Limited offer you a large variety of waterproofing paints. These paints are ideal for basements which have become dark, damp and rather dank. Painting with products like Rustoleum MurfillZinsser Watertite and Sika Liquid Plastics, you can make sure your basement is transformed into a water free zone.

We offer high quality waterproofing products that provide high levels of water protection once applied and full cured, as well as a entire colour range. Browse our product range and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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  1. Rustoleum Murfill Waterproofing Coating
    Rustoleum Murfill Waterproofing Coating

    A waterproofing paint / anti-carbonation paint for exterior walls.

    From £55.80 £46.50
  2. Rustoleum Murfill Quartz Waterproofer
    Rustoleum Murfill Quartz Waterproofer

    An elastomeric waterproofing for use on masonry, concrete and brick.

    From £92.53 £77.11
  3. Sika Sikagard® 550W Elastic Crack Bridging - Formerly Decadex
    Sika Sikagard® 550W Elastic Crack Bridging - Formerly Decadex

    An anti carbonation wall paint designed to be water permeable and offers excellent resistance against harsh elements and ageing.

    From £276.00 £230.00
  4. Fosroc Dekguard W
    Fosroc Dekguard W

    A high performance, water based acrylic copolymer protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry.

    From £144.38 £120.32
  5. Remmers Color Flex
    Remmers Color Flex

    A high crack bridging, anti carbonation, water repellent masonry paint for walls and Park Homes.

    From £183.00 £152.50
  6. Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint
    Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint

    Paint for Waterproofing Basements use on Damp and Wet Walls, stops up to 34 lbs of water pressure.

    From £81.41 £67.84

11 Items

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Waterproof Paint

Our team have been well trained, and with extensive research, are always at hand to offer you the best advice on what choices you can make on an upcoming project. Whether it be in a normal or an industrial environment, these paints provide you with a waterproof coating for the beautification and protection of exterior masonry and facades. Murfill Waterproofing Paint has excellent resistance against ageing and protects reinforced concrete against carbonisation and corrosion.

With twice the strength of latex waterproofers, Zinsser Watertite Paint stops up to 34lbs of water pressure, this is the perfect product when it comes to the protection of your damp or wet basements. With a 5 year guarantee, it prevents the growth of mould and mildew on your walls by creating an impermeable water barrier.

Feel free to have a browse through our range of Waterproofing Paints to find what you are looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are struggling to find what you are looking for.

Waterproof Coating for Wood

For waterproof paints, at Promain we offer a large collection of waterproof paints and waterproofing paints, this covers products that can be used on different areas and surfaces such as outdoor places and the garden. 

We make it our priority to ensure that we provide waterproof paint to suit all surfaces, what’s more, the waterproof paints that we stock can be purchased online today. All of the waterproofing paints that we supply have been hand-picked based on their quality and we will make sure that your surface is waterproofed to the highest standards.

Waterproof Spray Paints

We aim to offer only industry-leading products and our waterproof paint and paint spray solutions are great, whatever your needs or requirements. As waterproofing experts, the products that we offer here at Promain will help you to waterproof your surface, so what are you waiting for, check out Promains waterproof paints today. Our waterproof spray paints also aim to save you time.

Waterproof Paint for Bathroom - Wet or Dry Surface

We supply you with a collection of interior waterproofing paints and waterproof paints that provide instant waterproofing. By applying a coat of waterproof paint, you will immediately see the ultimate waterproofing solution that can help prevent leaks. 

Our waterproof paints offer long term protection against the elements including weather, what’s more, the application will provide 100% performance. Promain provides you with a brand range of waterproof paints as well as assisting with any other enquiries that you may have about our product range, our products are great for several users such as decorating, they also include a different finish such as smooth, gloss or satin. 

Simply pick up the phone and call us today should you have any questions and our team of professionals will be happy to help you with any problems you might come across.

Waterproof Masonry Paint for Exterior Walls

If you require masonry waterproofing paint, look no further, at Promain we have got you more than covered, we offer an extensive range of waterproof paints that will help you to protect and repair a range of waterproof surfaces, as well as provide protection against rust, on metal, especially in outdoor areas. 

The masonry waterproofing paint that we supply will also protect your masonry areas and we stock a range of paints that also include waterproof protection and weatherproof prevention. All of the masonry waterproofing paint that we have to offer has been designed to make sure that your surface is waterproof all year round. Our expert team all come with a wealth of experience when it comes to waterproof paint and is all highly experienced and well-versed in the area. 

When looking for waterproof paints, you can trust that Promain will have got all of your needs covered. We supply and stock everything that you may need, rest assured that you’ll receive top-quality products at great prices with Promain. We also provide waterproof spray paints suitable for plastic and also paints that are resistant and come in a range of colours including metallic.

Why Choose Promain For Waterproof Paint?

At Promain we only stock high-quality waterproof paint, we aim to offer the very best selection of waterproof products that are suitable for a range of projects and are available on the current market. What’s more, is we also only stock hard-wearing waterproof paint that can be used on a range of surfaces. 

Whatever type of paint you require, all of the waterproofing paint that we supply is cost-effective and durable, our collection also comes in an extensive range making sure that it is suitable for use in all areas. 

At Promain we offer a wide range of products suitable for both commercial and domestic use, we also supply waterproof paint that is suitable and can be used by a paint company or by people who want to do the work themselves. You'll find a range of professional waterproofing paint products here at Promain.

For Waterproof Paint, Contact Promain Paints Today

When in need of waterproof paint, you’re in the best place, at Promain we have got all of your needs covered with our range of waterproofing paint. The Promain team offers a range of products that is available to our customers and that is suitable for different needs and requirements. 

Should you require a particular waterproof paint product, please do not hesitate to give the Promain team a ring today. Our experts are always more than happy to answer any queries or queries that you may have about the waterproofing paint products that we offer, what’s more, they will always also make sure that you get a product that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Promain for waterproof paint?

At Promain, we stock an extensive range of waterproof products, this includes a range of waterproof paints, all of which are suitable for the exterior walls and wet or dry surfaces. The paints that we supply can be used on a range of waterproof coating and we aim to ensure that we have a range of paints that are suitable for all of our customers and their requirements as well as offering an effective application. 

We provide a range of paints across the UK and all of our products have all been chosen based on their high standards. From quick drying to easy to apply, to products for furniture or waterproof enamel spray paint, we also only provide industry-leading paint, so you can trust that you’re in the right place when you choose Promain.

How long do waterproof paints last?

This all depends on a number of elements including the type of waterproof paint that you require, as well as the type of product you decide to use. At Promain, when it comes to needing paint, we make it our priority to ensure that you choose from the extensive range that we offer, all of our products have been sourced from only the very best brands in the industry. 

We also aim to ensure that our customers get the best products for their waterproofing requirements, if you have any questions about our waterproof paints as well as their long-lasting ability simply give our team a call today. At Promain one of our technical experts can always be on hand to help and discuss our products with you.

What is the best waterproofing paint?

At Promain we make it our priority to provide some of the best paints that are available on the market, with this in mind we are a leading UK supplier of waterproofing paints. Our products cover a range of industry-certified products that will provide the best durability as well as surface protection, when it comes to finding paint that is weatherproof and can withstand bad conditions, at Promain we have got you covered. 

With this in mind, the expert team at Promain aim to make it as simple as possible for you. With a wealth of experience in providing waterproofing paints, you can rest assured that both our knowledge and products are the best.

How do I buy waterproof paints from Promain Paints?

When you need waterproof coatings, ensure to check out the range at Promain Paint. We are renowned for being the UK’s leading waterproofing paint supplier and a team of experts have years of experience as well as a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all types of waterproof paints.

So should you be looking for waterproof coatings, you can trust that we have all of your needs and requirements covered. For waterproof paints, check out our range online, when you choose to buy products from Promian you can trust that all of our waterproof paints will be value for money.

Why should I use waterproof paints?

Using waterproofing paints will help to prevent damage from a range of conditions that can affect the surface as well as add to the degradation that can happen from weather and the elements over time. Using waterproof paints will help to protect the surface and can also be used to provide repairs. 

Surfaces that have been preserved and maintained with waterproof paints will make sure that the area stands the test of time, for more information on the waterproof paints that we stock, feel free to get in touch with Promain today.