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About Aerosols Paints

Promain are the UK's leading supplier of aerosol paints and aerosol spray paints. Whether you are looking for aerosol spray paints to rust inhibiting aerosols we have the full range of products that you could ever need. All of the aerosols that we have available are all made by the leading manufacturers of these products to ensure that you are only getting the best. All of our products have been reasonably priced to ensure that you are getting good value for money.

With a lot of years experience in the paint and industrial trade, we here at Promain know the importance of having a good product to work with and a product that you know will do a good job. That is why we only stock the best aerosol spray paints and other aerosol products that are available on the market as we only sell products that we would be more than happy using ourselves.

Aerosol Paint for Sale

When it comes to purchasing aerosol paints, it can be a job to know which you require. Be it for anti graffiti or line marking, there’s so many spray paints and aerosols out there to choose from. But with a full range of aerosol paints in our mix, we’re here to ensure that you purchase the right one for your needs. So, if you’re looking for top quality aerosol paints that don’t cost above the odds, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Allow us to introduce to you our vast range of aerosol paints and spray paints! No matter your reasons for purchasing spray paints, it’s good to know that our friendly and professional team can help. Whether you are looking for anti slip aerosol paints or fluorescent spray paints, we have a full range of products to meet your every need. Once more, all the aerosols that we provide are made by the leading manufactures. This not only ensures that all our customers receive the very best quality, but an unbeatable price and service too. That is why our products are reasonably priced, ensuring that you are getting great value for money alongside top quality products.

Aerosol Paint; What is it Used For?

Aerosols available to buy today at Promain include spray paints for line marking, anti-climb sprays for property security, repair sprays to fix leaks in guttering, decorative finish sprays for aesthetic values on a range of surfaces, including glass, and restoration and refurbishment sprays for worktops, ceramic tiles and more. The widest selection comes from Rust-Oleum, with their ever-popular Hard Hat Topcoats, LeakSeal, NeverWet and the CombiColor range. These products are designed for commercial and industrial use, although some are applicable for personal maintenance and decorating projects – touch-up tasks, re-colouring and covering rust. Always use these spray paints and aerosol coatings in well ventilated areas, and wear appropriate face masks and gloves, too. Refer to each product's data sheets for full details on safety requirements. Aerosol primers, topcoats and technical sprays available in this category allow users to obtain a high-end, professional finish. They often complement normal paints and coatings from the same manufacturer – for example, CombiColor spray paints would be a handy alternative to apply to difficult to reach areas, when other brush/roller applied products in the CombiColor range might not be feasible.

Aerosol Spray Paint Application

Shake the spray can thoroughly as directed! Even though paint is thought of as a liquid, it does have a solid content. You may not think it, but the solid material in the spray paint can settle, and even worse the paint can splatter, or not match, or not cover properly. Aerosol spray paint does not always work in cold temperatures. Some of the gasses in a spray can not work properly under cold climates. Spray paint tends to blush under high humidity. Don't paint on a rainy day. The spray paint can catch particles of moisture mid air, The alcohol content in the spray can will definitely interact causing the paint to blush or dry cloudy. When spraying use nice and even long strokes. Using small strokes and not even can definitely show in the finish. Don't paint the same area overlapping too many times on any surface. Overlapping one area on your surface will cause an uneven pattern. Some call this problem tiger stripes. Too much paint in an area by moving the spray pattern to slow or avoiding flash times (the time you have to wait between coats) will cause drips in the paint called a run. These runs can not easily be fixed. You can wipe it off and start from scratch; or let it dry, sand it out, and start over.

What Can Aerosols Be Used For?

Aerosols are ideal for touch-up projects where something has been painted off-site and then during installation on-site things are damaged and need retouching. Other times, the items are only small that require painting and don't require a large amount of paint, and aerosols can be a way to get a fantastic finish. Maintenance managers and on-site staff will benefit from having a lubricating or cleaning spray to improve the functionality – and potentially expand the lifespan - of industrial components and equipment. Rust-Oleum X1 aerosol range includes:

  • Ceramic anti-seize spray
  • Multi-purpose foam cleaner
  • Freeze and release spray
  • White grease spray
  • Chain and drive spray
  • Heavy-duty cleaner-degreaser
  • Silicone spray
  • Cutting and tapping spray
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • Electrical cleaner spray
  • And more

Spray Paints for Bold Marking

Spray paints are the go-to method for temporary markings on building sites, sports pitches, and road/path or concrete repair areas. Delivering high-visibility and durable markings for access routes underground, or in low visibility areas on-site, Rust-Oleum’s Hard Hat product range is unbeatable.

Aerosol Spray Paint Suppliers UK

At Promain, we are home to a large selection of aerosol paints, this includes aerosol paint for wood, aerosol paint for plastic, aerosol paints for metal, latex paint, aerosol lacquer paint and many more. We aim to make sure that we have aerosol spray paint that is suitable for all of our customers and their needs as well as being suitable for use in a range of different environments including warehouses, workshops and factories to schools, hospitals, holiday parks and even home DIY projects. We supply a range of aerosol paint to customers across the UK and our aerosol paint products are all sourced to the highest standards. What's more, is we only provide industry-leading products, so you can trust that you’ve come to the right place for aerosols paint when you choose Promain. As specialists in paint, our aerosol paint products can help to renovate your building or property, so what are you waiting for, use our range of products, to help transform your building.

Buy Aerosol Paint Online

Although we are the leading paint specialists, we don't just sell aerosol paints but also other aerosol products such as heat resistant aerosols that work up to temperatures of 750°C as well as other items such as anti slip sprays that can be applied to add more grip to floors to ensure safety whether this is at home or in the workplace. There are also aerosols that can help prevent rusting or the spread of rust as well as primer aerosols. We like to make sure we can supply you with any type of aerosols that you could need whether it is for use at home for a DIY project or for use at work and in the workplace.

For the Best Aerosol Paint Suppliers Online, Shop with Promain Paints

If you are looking for aerosol sprays then you have definitely come for the right place. Promain are experts at providing industrial sectors, tradesman and DIY'ers with the exact product that they need, which are not only great quality, but also a great price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerosol Paint

Can you use aerosol spray paint on walls?

Of course! If you like speed, spray painting is a great method for painting walls indoors, and outdoors. You can complete some jobs much faster than other methods available by using a paint sprayer. In many cases, it’s more suited to exterior jobs, as you can get paint everywhere! It’s ideal for your garage or a large outdoor wall if you need it done quickly and with a professional finish. The only thing you need to be careful with when you’re spray painting, is over spraying and wasting paint.

What is aerosol paint?

Aerosol paint, also known as spray paint is a type of paint that comes in a sealed pressurised container and is released in an Aerosol spray when depressing a valve button. Spray paint leaves a smooth, evenly coated surface, unlike many traditional rolled or brushed paints. Standard sized cans are lightweight, portable, cheap, and easy to store. Aerosol primer can be applied directly to bare metal and many plastics.

What is the best aerosol spray paint?

Like most shopping products, there is an endless amount of manufacturers and suppliers developing their own products, looking to sell in the spray paint and aerosol market. Here at Promain we have a number of aerosols and sprays available. It is difficult to pick a specific type and brand of paint because everyone’s needs are different. More often than not you will need different types of sprays for different scenarios.

For more information and advice on what the best aerosol spray paint is, be sure to get in touch with our team today.

What type of paint is aerosol paint?

They're usually constructed from light gauge steel or aluminum and include a valve, a dip tube and a pea, each of which we'll discuss later in this section. Spray paint works the way it does because it's actually a combination of paint and a gas propellant.

What does aerosol paint contain?

The most common VOCs found in spray paints include Acetone, Xylene and Toluene.