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Below you will find all Promain’s best tarmac paint for driveways.

Promain distributes only the best tarmac drive paint. Our paint for tarmac options is UV Resistant, Easy to Apply, Slip Resistant and Cost-Effective.

For tarmac driveway paint reviews, simply have a look at our by viewing each individual product. All our tarmac paint reviews are impartial.

What Is The Best Tarmac Paint?

Deciding which Black Tarmac Drive Paint is the best depends on your individual project. We have solutions from quality manufacturers such as Rust-Oleum, Centrecoat and Coo-Var. By choosing a tarmac reviver paint from one of these manufacturers there is little doubt whether or not does tarmac paint work. Correct preparation is almost more important than which tarmac reviver paint you choose depending on colour requirements and budget.

Coo-Var W449 is a tarmac paint available in black, green and red. Available as a 5-litre tarmac paint, this product is a water-based paint with a semi-matt, anti-slip finish. If you are looking for tough, flexible acrylic paint for tarmac, asphalt or concrete try Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100. This paint for tarmac is heavy-duty enough to protect balconies, drives, paths, car parks, playgrounds, and tennis courts.

Confused about what paint can you use on tarmac? Hopefully the above answers what paint can you use on tarmac and what paint works on asphalt. Alternatively, call our technical team to discuss your requirements on 01462 421333.

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  1. Centrecoat Premium HD Driveway and Floor Paint
    Centrecoat Premium HD Driveway and Floor Paint

    The ULTIMATE paint solution for rejuvenating tired driveways, patios and floors! Costs less than £1 per m2 per coat!

    From £54.70 £45.58
  2. Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100 Asphalt and Tarmac Paint
    Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100 Asphalt and Tarmac Paint

    A tough, flexible paint for tarmac, asphalt or concrete to colour and protect drives, paths, balconies, car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts.

    From £88.78 £73.98
  3. Coo-Var W449 Tennis Court and Drive Paint
    Coo-Var W449 Tennis Court and Drive Paint

    For driveways, patios, pavements and car parks. A water based paint for hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and tarmac.

    From £64.74 £53.95
  4. FLAG HD Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating
    FLAG HD Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating

    A single pack heavy duty elastomeric floor paint for interior and exterior use such as drives, paths and warehouse floors.

    From £44.40 £37.00

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Asphalt Paint

At Promain we offer some of the best asphalt paints, great for a range of asphalt driveways and asphalt surfaces. At Promain we distribute only the best range of asphalt paint and what’s more is our products are resistant to UV rays, easy to use with a simple application process, slip resistant and value for money. When it comes to choosing the best type of asphalt paint, this can depend on the type of surface, the area and the outcome that you wish to achieve. At Promain we are known for being providers of quality products by renowned manufacturers, and as experts, when it comes to the application, we understand that ensuring the correct preparation will be as important as the type of asphalt paint that you choose to use. From paint for large surface areas, to water based products, matt paints, anti slip finishes to tough and durable asphalt paint, we’ve got you covered. All of the asphalt products that we stock are heavy duty and suitable for a range of areas including driveways, paths, pavements, car parks, tennis courts and playgrounds. Should you require any further information or assistance, feel free to contact the technical support team here at Promain, our experts can answer any questions or queries that you may have.

Tarmac Restorer

One of the best ways to restore tarmac is with a tarmac restorer, as leading UK stockists of tarmac restore paint, Promain are known across the country for the products and solutions that they offer. We are experts when it comes to providing tarmac restore paints that will help to transform the exterior of your home or premises. We offer a range of tarmac painting and restoration products and what’s more is, at Promain we are home to a team of skilled and professional tarmac restore experts who are committed to providing paint solutions that are high quality and high value. All of our tarmac restore coatings come with guidance and information from our technical team, who will ensure that your tarmac restore project provides the exact results that you’re looking for. Promain’s team of specialists aim to work closely alongside customers everyday to help provide them with the right products to meet both their needs, expectations and budgets, for more information on our tarmac restore products, contact Promain today.

Best Tarmac Drive Restorer

When searching for the ‘best tarmac drive restorer’, look no further, at Promain we are known for being a UK leading supplier of tarmac restoration products that are suitable for use on a range of tarmac surfaces and driveways. The tarmac driveway restorers that we supply have been designed to make sure that your tarmac surface looks refreshed, rejuvenated and modernised whilst also protecting the tarmac underneath. Our range of tarmac restoration products are a great way to revamp and refresh your old and tired tarmac driveway. At Promain, we make it our priority to ensure that we offer only the best quality tarmac driver restoration products that are available on the market. When you choose Promain, you’ll receive tarmac restorers from a trustworthy team and we won’t just meet your expectations, we will exceed them. For more information on our tarmac driveway restorers, feel free to contact the team at Promain today. If you have any questions about our products or you are unsure which product would be best for you then please don’t hesitate to give us a call as one of our team would be more than happy to discuss our products with you and to advise you on the best products for your requirements.

Tarmac Drive Restoration

At Promain we are trusted suppliers of tarmac drive restoration products which can be used to protect and replenish your tarmac driveway from age, general wear and tear as well as staining, we will ensure your tarmac surface looks as good as new for a long time to come. The installation of tarmac can be a costly business and therefore you want to make sure you get the full effects of your tarmac surface, but with the effects of weather and conditions as well as staining you can sometimes end up with an old looking tarmac driveway. There's no need for this to be a problem anymore, at Promain, the fantastic range of tarmac restorers that we have available can be used to protect your tarmac driveway from any staining and make it a lot more durable to certain conditions such as the weather. For more information on the range of tarmac restorers that we provide, feel free to contact Promain’s technical team today, as well as product information, we can also provide you with advice and guidance when using our tarmac restoration solutions.

Tarmac Restoration Products

As leading UK stockists of tarmac restoration products, Promain are known across the country for the excellent tarmac and driveway solutions and products that we offer. We are experts when it comes to providing tarmac driveway paints and restorers and will help to transform your driveway. We offer tarmac driveway products of the best quality and are home to a team of skilled and professional driveway restoration experts who are dedicated to providing tarmac solutions that are high value and to the best standards. All of our driveway restorers come with guidance and information from our technical team, who will ensure that your driveway restoration project provides the results that you require. Promain’s team of specialists work closely alongside customers to help provide them with the right products to meet both their requirements and budgets, for more information on our driveway restoration products, contact Promain today. At Promain it's our priority to make sure that our customers get only the very best quality products which is why we make sure we source all of our tarmac restoration products from only the very best manufacturers in the industry as well as making sure that our tarmac paints and coatings are as reasonable as possible.

Black Tarmac Driveway Paint

When it comes to needing black tarmac paint or black paint for tarmac driveways, you’ve come to the right place. At Promain we provide you with a large range of tarmac paint suitable for a range of surfaces including tarmac driveways and other tarmac surfaces. Our range of products can restore and protect the tarmac surface, ensuring that it maintains its freshly laid appearance - no matter the time of year or how old it is. What’s more is our black tarmac paints will protect your driveway from stains, wear and tear as well as ensuring the best visual appeal. While being suitable for tarmac driveways, our products also work on a range of tarmac surfaces including roads, playgrounds, tennis courts and car parks. At Promain we only provide products that we have used ourselves and know are trustworthy and of the best quality as well as ensuring the best results. For more information on our range of products, contact the Promain technical team today.

White Asphalt Paint

Our white asphalt paints have all been specially formulated to provide a freshly painted asphalt surface that looks refreshed and rejuvenated. At Promain we are UK asphalt paint stockists and are known for the range of asphalt surface products that we offer, what’s more is, all of our asphalt paints are supplied to the highest standards. As well as ensuring a modern finish for your asphalt surface, the paint products that we supply also protect the underneath and ensure its longevity. The paint products that we supply here at Promain are suitable for a range of applications, including driveways, tennis courts, playgrounds and roads.

Best Tarmac Paint

Tarmac paint is long lasting and provides a great finish for a range of exterior tarmac surfaces including driveways, car parks, playgrounds, roads and tennis courts. Tarmac paint ideally tends to be suited for the protection of exterior areas and surfaces. It’s recommended that tarmac paints and coatings are applied to all of these exterior surfaces, this is due to their durability and long lasting ability. Another reason why tarmac paint is the best is that it offers great colour retention, it flexes with substrates and reduces marks and peeling. When it comes to looking for the ‘best tarmac paint’, look no further than Promain, our extensive product range has got you covered.

How Do You Paint Tarmac?

As with any painting, if you want it to last, preparation is key. Without proper preparation, there is no way to tell how long does tarmac paint lasts.

Firstly, brush your drive with a stiff broom to remove any residual dirt and loose sediment. Promain always recommends the use of a quality fungicidal wash such as Centrecoat GS36 to remove any natural growth from the driveway. Tarmac paint DIY doesn’t need to be something to be scared of!

Then you can get on with applying tarmac paint following the guidelines on the product data-sheet including the drying time. All the information you will need for how to use tarmac paint will be on these sheets. Each product's downloadable PDF’s are available on the paint’s listing on our website. The sheets will have information like how long does tarmac paint takes to dry and more.

Of course, you may require more coats depending on the paint. You will not require a tarmac paint sealer with Promain’s tarmac driveway products.

Where Can I Buy Tarmac Paint?

So, are you now ready to buy tarmac paint? Promain provides the best tarmac paint solutions on the market.

If you are looking for the most reliable supplier for quality paints on the internet, Promain delivers tarmac paint UK wide, straight to your door.

Yes, you could just search through building merchant websites, generically searching for tarmac paint Homebase, tarmac paint Wickes, tarmac paint Wilko, paint for tarmac B&Q, etc but would you trust these companies to give you the technical support Promain can?

As the UK’s favourite source for industrial paints and coatings, Promain can provide you concise trustable guidance unlike if you ordered tarmac paint on Amazon or tarmac paint on eBay.

Even if you are just looking for cheap tarmac paint, Promain UK Limited provides solutions for a wide range of budgets. For example, Coo-Var Tarmac Paint W449 is a mid-range coating available in a set range of popular colours.

What if I need tarmac paint near me? Promain distributes our paints and coatings nationwide. Normally with next day delivery, depending on the product, we can deliver your order to you the next day. Naturally, if you are looking for delivery of your tarmac paint to Ireland, the delivery cost and timeframe may be longer! 

Tarmac Paint Colours

Depending on your home and house style, we can provide various tarmac paint colours:

  • Black Tarmac Drive Paint / Tarmac Paint Black / Black Bitumen Paint For TarmacBrown Tarmac PaintBuff Tarmac PaintBeige Tarmac PaintRed Tarmac Paint / Red Tarmac Drive Paint / Tarmac Paint RedGreen Tarmac Paint / Tarmac Paint GreenTarmac Paint BlueGrey Tarmac Paint / Tarmac Paint GreyYellow Asphalt Paint / Yellow Asphalt PaintsTarmac Paint White / White Asphalt Paint / White Tarmac Paint

However, if you are looking for tarmac line marking paint, we would suggest looking at our full category page here. Through our line marking paint category, you can purchase traffic paints such as tarmac white line paint and yellow tarmac paint.

Can Tarmac Be Painted?

Yes! On this page, you will find all our tarmac paint solutions for all tarmac surfaces.

When it comes to how to paint a tarmac drive, Promain’s technical team can help with any confusion. Our technical team is manufacturer trained so we can give you the most reliable advice prior to our customers making an expensive mistake by using the wrong product.

Are 2 Inches Of Asphalt Enough For A Driveway?

According to the National Asphalt Pavement Association, 2 inches of asphalt isn’t adequate for a stable driveway. Unless you are intending to constantly be on the search for asphalt restorer solutions, we would really recommend laying your driveway properly!

We find that a 4-inch depth of asphalt is adequate, but 5 or 6 inches of asphalt depth is recommended. This depth of laid asphalt will provide you with a stronger more stable driveway. You can also lay 6 to 8 inches of compacted aggregate or gravel, as a base with 3 inches of asphalt pavement on top.

What Is Tarmac Paint Coverage Like?

The coverage rate for Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat is 4 - 8 m2 per litre whereas Coo-Var W449 tarmac paint covers 5 - 9 m2 per litre. This is dependant on the texture of your tarmac and the rate that the paint is applied.

Depending on the product and substrate, the coverage rate per paint will be different.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Asphalt?

Paints for tarmac are usually water-based. Sometimes people get worried that water-based paints are lesser quality than solvent-based alternatives. Although this might have been true in the past, industrial paint technology today is far more advanced. For example, did you know your car has been painted in water-based paint?! Hopefully, you haven’t noticed the paint on your car falling off in the rain!

Water is purely the carrier for the paint. Paint is actually solid once it is dry – the water simply evaporates! You can get water-based acrylic tarmac paint that is incredibly heavy duty. Think line marking a heavy use warehouse heavy duty! You don’t just need to be looking for bitumen paint for tarmac when water-based tarmac paint is far superior.

To turn your tarmac asphalt paint into an anti-slip coating, incorporation of light to medium aggregate will aid against a slippery surface.

What Is The Best Way To Restore Tarmac?

The best way to restore your tarmac is to initially access just how poor your tarmac is. Firstly, Promain recommends the use of a stiff broom to remove any moss or loose sediment. Once you have performed the initial sweep, we recommend the use of a fungicidal wash to remove the risk of any green growth reappearing.

If you are handy with a hand brush or happy doing DIY around the house the question of can I paint tarmac is nothing to worry about. With the correct preparation and tools, you can make a professional job of painting tarmac to give your house kerb appeal to be proud of.

How Long Does It Take For Asphalt Paint To Dry?

Depending on which tarmacadam paint you intend to use, the drying time for the product will be dependant on the paint’s formulation. For example, Rust-Oleum Tarmacoat 6100 is touch dry in 30 minutes at 20°C and fully cured in 48 hours. As always, our technical team recommends customers to fully read datasheets for your product prior to use. All these sheets are available on our website under the individual product listing.

You might have found yourself here if you are asking yourself can you paint tarmac. Yes, you can paint tarmac! Promain provides the best tarmac driveway paint available.

Can You Use Tarmac Paint On Concrete?

Yes, you can use tarmac paint on concrete. However, we do recommend you to thin the first coat to improve adhesion. This will help your tarmac paint for concrete last. The concrete will look more consistent as a driveway material where everything is grey and boring!

How Do You Rejuvenate Tarmac?

The best way to rejuvenate any tired tarmac surface is a full sweep, clean and then a fresh coat of coloured tarmac paint to brighten up your driveway. You can always speak to one of our team about the worry of lost resins, how many coats may be required and of course should you use a tarmac sealer at the end of your project.

Can You Paint Tarmac Drives?

Yes, you can paint a driveway or car park. Although if you are still apprehensive, please contact our technical team on 01462 421333.

How Long Does Tarmac Paint Last?

Asking how long does tarmac driveway paint last is a bit like asking how long is a bit of string. There are many factors involved such as the intended use of the tarmac driveway. If you do not intend on parking a car on the drive and it will only be susceptible to foot traffic, the UV fade will be more uniform than if you always park your car in the same place. After a time, you might notice that the spot where your park tends to sit is darker than the surrounding area. Then you might be more inclined to restore your black tarmac drive sooner.

Our driveway paints are formulated for exterior use so have a degree of UV stability designed for the UK market.

Further information

Do you have impressive tarmac paint before and after the project? Email through your pictures to us and we’ll show off your handy work on our Instagram page!

If you are looking for tarmac tennis court paint, view our comprehensive category here.


Is Tarmac Paint Any Good?

 Promain only supplies quality industrial tarmac paint. We aren’t interested in supplying inferior cheap tarmac paint or tarmac repair to customers. If we did that our customers would be disappointed and our reputation would be at risk. The question of is tarmac paint any good depends on where you are buying from at the brand of the product.

How Do You Remove Paint From Asphalt?

If you are wondering how to remove paint from tarmac, look no further. If you know which paint was used on the substrate, it makes it even easier to remove. The most efficient way to remove paint from asphalt or tarmac would be professional sandblasting or high water jetting. However, this is quite aggressive. It may be more cost-effective to just paint over the paint you are unhappy with. To do this though the paint must be compatible with the coating underneath. This happens quite a lot in the line-marking industry. When lines or painted logo designs are incorrectly placed, black tarmac paint is applied over the design to disguise it.

What Do You Use To Paint Asphalt?

Depending on the Tarmac Restorer Paint you are looking to apply, you may be applying the paint by Brush Roller, with fiddly areas applied by brush. The best tarmac paint roller if you are asking what can you paint tarmac with is a medium pile roller.

Can You Paint Over Tarmac?

Yes you can, tarmac paint can be used to restore and refresh tarmac areas and surfaces, this includes driveways, car parks, floors, playgrounds and roads. At Promain, as specialists in providing tarmac paints and coatings we advise that you use a high quality and heavy duty driveway paint and sealer. This is to ensure that your tarmac driveway is protected from wear and tear, stains and cracks. At Promain we offer a range of products to help improve the appearance and durability of your tarmac surface or driveway and as a leading supplier, you can trust that you’ve come to the best place. For more information on the range of products that we have available online, feel free to contact our technical team today, they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Can You Paint Over Asphalt?

Yes you can, however due to the nature of asphalt and as it is quite oily, we advise that you ensure the surface has been properly cleaned before starting the paint application. Asphalt can look bare and dull if it hasn’t been painted, before painting it will need to be extensively cleaned beforehand, you can do this by using a hard-bristled brush and a power washer. At Promain, we stock a range of asphalt paints including acrylic paint, coal tar paint, oil based paints and water based latex paints. These types of polymer-based, water soluble paint can help to prevent your lines from lifting off the asphalt once they have been painted. Should you have any questions regarding the asphalt paint products that we provide, feel free to contact the technical team at Promain today.