Concrete Floor Repair

As with all industrial or commercial flooring that receive regular use, car park flooring or concrete floor is not immune to the effects of repeated use. If your parking environment is looking worse for wear, Promain provide various concrete repair solutions for floors. Available from worldwide industrial manufacturers Sika, Remmers, Mapei and Rust-Oleum, Promain distribute a selection of reliable screeds and mortars ready for use no matter your restoration requirements.

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  1. Sika Monotop 615
    Sika Monotop 615

    A one component R3 cement based polymer modified high build repair and reprofiling mortar.

    From £60.02 £50.02
  2. Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg
    Sika Monotop 614F, 25Kg

    A one component flowable repair mortar (High Flow) containing shrinkage compensators and high range water-reducing agents.

    From £35.88 £29.90
  3. Remmers Epoxy Flex PH
    Remmers Epoxy Flex PH

    A 2 part, solvent free, self levelling coating for floors such as mechanically loaded surfaces subject to foot and vehicle traffic.

    From £195.60 £163.00
  4. Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy Joint Compound
    Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy Joint Compound

    A thixotropic, two part, polyurethane modified epoxy joint filling compound for vertical and horizontal joints.

    From £62.94 £52.45
  5. Rustoleum EpoxyShield Fine Crack Repair
    Rustoleum EpoxyShield Fine Crack Repair

    For quick repair of fine crack and holes in warehouse, workshop and concrete floors.

    From £33.04 £27.53
  6. Remmers Epoxy MT 100
    Remmers Epoxy MT 100

    Special primer for matt damp substrates based on a transparent epoxy resin.

    From £287.24 £239.37
  7. Remmers Betofix Filler
    Remmers Betofix Filler

    PCC fine filler for structural repair of concrete structures.

    From £60.24 £50.20
  8. Rustoleum 5150 Speed Patch for Floors
    Rustoleum 5150 Speed Patch for Floors

    Fast Setting for Deep Holes in Concrete and Power Floated Floors and slabs.

    From £132.38 £110.32
  9. Mapei Ultratop Industrial
    Mapei Ultratop Industrial

    Self-levelling industrial floor screed based on special hydraulic binders for abrasion-resistant flooring. From 5 to 40mm.

    From £43.94 £36.62
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