Remmers Epoxy MT 100

SKU id17639 Part A: UN3082 (Class 9, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN2735 (Class 8, Pk Grp II)
Special primer for matt damp substrates based on a transparent epoxy resin.
Available in 10 Kg and 25 Kg
£143.52 (£172.22 Inc VAT)
£143.52 (£172.22 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Remmers Epoxy MT 100 is a special primer for matt damp substrates based on a transparent epoxy resin. It can be subjected to both mechanical and chemical loads and is free from plasticisers and nonylphenols.

Best Uses

Remmers Epoxy MT 100 is an unpigmented epoxy resin binder that is best used as an impregnation agent, primer, bonding layer, levelling layer and for the production of compression resistant mortars, flow mortars as well as a blinded layer for blinded covers.


The substrate must be firm, dimensionally stable, capable of bearing loads and free of loose constituents, dust, oil, grease, rubber marks and other substances that could interfere with adhesion. The tensile strength of the surface of the substrate must be at least 1.5 N/mm² on average (smallest individual value of at least 1.0 N/mm²), and the compressive strength must be at least 25 N/mm². The substrate can be slightly moist but without liquid film on the surface and should not be exposed to major temperature swings (vapour pressure). In this case the primer must always be applied twice.

  • Concrete max 6 m% humidity
  • Cement Screed max. 6 m% humidity

The substrate must be protected from exposure to moisture from underneath during utilisation. Weak absorbing substrates must be tested with regard to their suitability for coating, if necessary a trial surface must be set up. If the product is used on green concrete (water–cement ratio < 0,45) the substrate must be suitable for blasting or grinding.

Prepare the substrate by suitable means, e.g. steel ball jetting or diamond grinding, so that it meets the requirements specified above. Broken out or missing areas in the substrate should be filled flush with the surface using Remmers PCC systems or Remmers EP mortars.

Conditions for use

Temperature of material, surroundings and substrate: min. +5 °C - max. +25 °C. During the curing process, the applied material should be protected from moisture which could impair the surface and impair the adhesion. Relative humidity should not exceed 80%. The temperature of the substrate must be at least 3 °C above the dew point temperature during application and curing.

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