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About Instant Roof Repair Paint

Promain UK Limited provides you with a range of Instant Roof Repair Paints. Instant Roof Repair Paints can be used immediately in the event of damage occurring and offer you instant resistance to the elements. When Box and Valley Gutters leak, they cause unsightly damp patches and structural damage to industrial and residential buildings. These problems usually only present themselves during periods of rain and snow. We offer you products with an instant solution that can be easily applied, even while it is raining. FLAG Roofix 20/10 and Rustoleum Fillcoat are regularly applied by tradesmen and householder’s, and offer you a simple and effective DIY solution for stopping leaking roofs. 

Please feel free to browse through our range of instant roof repair paint below to find the perfect paint for your needs. Should you require any further information regarding our instant roof repair paint then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. From answering your questions to providing you further details and expert advice, our team at Promain have you covered. Simply contact us today to find out more about our instant roof repair paint. We’re always happy to help.

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  1. Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing
    Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing

    Instant waterproofing with added fibres for flat and corrugated roofs, flat roof repair, shed roof repair, gutter repair, etc.

    From £15.04 £12.53
  2. Rustoleum Fillcoat Waterproofing
    Rustoleum Fillcoat Waterproofing

    Instant waterproofing for flat and corrugated roofs, flat roof repair, box gutter repair, ridge tiles, chimney stacks, outlet pipes, etc.

    From £15.04 £12.53
  3. Rustoleum Elastofill Acrylic Jointing Compound
    Rustoleum Elastofill Acrylic Jointing Compound

    900% elastic, use for sealing, jointing, filling, fixing and gluing window, door frames and roofing sheets

    From £7.02 £5.85
  4. Acrypol + Waterproof Coating
    Acrypol + Waterproof Coating

    Acrypol + Roof and Gutter Repair Compound for instant repairs to flat roofs and gutters.

    From £84.00 £70.00
  5. FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair
    FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair

    Roofix 20/10 Stops roofs leaking for 10 years, a fibre reinforced roofing paint with excellent flexibility and durability. Designed to last over 10 ye...

    From £56.16 £46.80
  6. Britannia Durashield
    Britannia Durashield

    A cold applied waterproofing system with a 10 year life expectancy.

    From £63.85 £53.21

8 Items

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