RODO ProDec Telescopic Paint Roller and Pad Extension Pole

Non Hazardous
Telescopic Paint Roller & Pad Extension Pole for painting walls and floors.
Available in Heavy Duty
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Product Description

RODO ProDec Telescopic Paint Roller and Pad Extension Pole has the choice of two different extension poles - a heavy duty or a lighter duty pole. For use when painting large walls or floors such as warehouses, garages or workshops.

Have you ever been in the mood to paint but worry about reaching those hard to get to areas such as coving on staircases or high ceilings? Promain have the answer as our telescopic paint roller and pad extension pole offers the perfect solution.

This universal paint roller or paint pad extension pole simply attaches to almost every common roller or pad to allow for simple application of any paint or coating to any surface.

A must have for any decorator or even DIY lover, as you never quite know when you're going to need a telescopic extension pole. As always the Promain selection is of the highest quality so rest assured this pole will be moving home with you wherever you go.

Best Uses

Designed to attach to almost every standard roller or paint pad, this telescopic pole can be used to reach those difficult high areas such as ceilings or staircases. We have even had calls from cleaners saying they use this telescopic pole with a duster to catch those cobwebs hanging in difficult to reach places. The uses are endless, but the results remain the same.

The light weight pole version is a 3 section aluminium pole suitable for walls and ceilings. Our heavy duty pole is a 2 section, aluminium and steel version suitable for floors.


The application of this telescopic pole is simple, attach to your roller or paint pad, and you are away. Get into those difficult to reach areas, and you are sure to get a perfect result every time.

Surface and Environment 

The telescopic extension paint roller and paint pad pole is designed to work on any surface your paint pad or roller is. By simply adding this pole to your existing pad, you are sure to get the additional length to get results on every job. Part of the extensive range of painting accessories from Promain.

Technical Details
  • The lightweight version is a 3 section, aluminium construction pole suitable for walls and ceilings
  • The heavy duty version is a 2 section, aluminium and steel construction pole suitable for floors.
  • For use with 12 inch or 15 inch rollers
  • Available as a light duty or heavy duty poles
  • PREX002 Heavy Duty Pole - Suitable for 4 to 7ft extensions
  • PREX001 Light Duty Pole - Suitable for 2 to 6ft extensions

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