Grass Line Marking Paint

Grass line marking paints for Sports Pitches

Promain supply a selection of grass line marking paints which are perfect for marking out sports pitches and athletics tracks. They can be used on natural grass and shale sports surfaces, and are designed for use with transfer wheel machines and spray line machines. The grass line marking paints we offer ensure high quality results and professional finishes every time. Promain only supply products that we would be happy to use ourselves, and ones which have proven to be hard wearing and durable. Our selection of specialist grass line marking paints have been designed to put up with the daily wear and tear that occurs on sports pitches and the harsh weather conditions that comes with outdoor sports. 

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  1. ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols
    ProSolve Temporary Linemarker Aerosols

    Formulated for short term indentification onto concrete, tarmac, wood, composites, grass etc.

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