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If you are looking for UV Resistant polyurethane paints then make sure you look no further that the quality products that we have available here at Promain. These Polyurethane paints offer protection against a wide range of problems that can affect certain surfaces these include acids, alkalis and solvents, frequent product spillage and chemical cleaning that also provides an exceptional UV light resistance. Our range of polyurethane paints also provide excellent protection in high humidity areas and against moisture and come in a range of different colours to choose from and can be applied using either sprays, brush or roller. Here at Promain we make sure that we only ever provide our customers the very best quality products to ensure complete customer satisfaction time after time.

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  1. PPG SigmaDur 520
    PPG SigmaDur 520

    A 2 pack high build semigloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish, Highways Approved Item No.169.

    From £89.96 £74.97

  2. PPG SigmaDur 550
    PPG SigmaDur 550

    Formerly Amercoat 450E, Amercoat 450S. A two pack PU Gloss Finish for steel. Item No.168. M24(XM92).

    From £99.72 £83.10

  3. Selemix Direct Pro 7-15x
    Selemix Direct Pro 7-15x

    Acrylic PU finish that can be applied directly to a variety of substrates without the need for a primer.

    From £164.88 £137.40

  4. Rustoleum Rust-O-Thane 9200
    Rustoleum Rust-O-Thane 9200

    A water based tintable high UV resistance polyurethane topcoat, good colour retention, for concrete floors, Upvc, plastics and steel.

    From £31.27 £26.06

  5. Tikkurila Temadur 50
    Tikkurila Temadur 50

    A two pack, semi gloss polyurethane coating for steel structures subject to weathering or chemical stress. LuL APR No.2940

    From £57.60 £48.00

  6. Tikkurila Temadur 20
    Tikkurila Temadur 20

    A two pack anti-corrosive, semi-matt, polyurethane primer/finish.

    From £56.88 £47.40

  7. International Interthane 990SG
    International Interthane 990SG

    A two component product giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £91.27 £76.06

  8. Teknos Hydropur 2K Color 7515
    Teknos Hydropur 2K Color 7515

    A pigmented, water-borne, fast-drying 2-component coloured polyurethane / acrylic lacquer for plastic, wood, and metals.

    From £181.94 £151.62

  9. Axalta ViterClad M50 Cladding Coating
    Axalta ViterClad M50 Cladding Coating

    A two pack recoatable polyurethane finish with a metallic finish. Formulated for the maintenance and repainting of architectural cladding.

    From £121.92 £101.60

  10. Sika SikaCor EG5
    Sika SikaCor EG5

    A 2-pack acrylic polyurethane ideally suited to all environments where both protective and decorative considerations are present.

    From £330.16 £275.13

  11. Jotun Hardtop XPL
    Jotun Hardtop XPL

    A low gloss polyurethane topcoat for atmospheric environments.

    From £369.60 £308.00

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