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Promain UK Limited have a selection of quality Communal Area Paints ready for you to purchase. We only offer you the best range of products on the market as we seek 100% customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience Promain has extensive knowledge in paints and offers you advice when it comes to finding the right product for your use. 

Centrecoat Ultra Hygiene Coating, Classidur Modern Plus, Keim Mineral Paints and Scotchkote Wall Coatings are among the selection of products we have available in Communal Area Paints. 

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  1. Centrecoat Ultra Two-Pack Hygiene Coating
    Centrecoat Ultra Two-Pack Hygiene Coating

    A 2 pack durable and abrasive resistant anti-bacterial coating for use on walls and floors in areas where bacteria control is essential.

    From £83.68 £69.73
  2. Johnstones Trade Covaplus Vinyl Matt
    Johnstones Trade Covaplus Vinyl Matt

    A durable wall and ceiling paint certified for use on London Underground under Item No. 1455.

    From £22.46 £18.72
  3. The Traditional Paint Company Oil Bound Distemper
    The Traditional Paint Company Oil Bound Distemper

    Ideal for Victorian building owners who seek to restore walls and furniture to their original state.

    From £72.00 £60.00

4 Items

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Communal Areas are exposed to a large level of activity and are prone to cracks and damaging. When searching for the correct paint to use in Communal Areas be sure to use only the best in flame resistant and hard wearing paint. The products we offer you are hard wearing, are subject to high levels of sustainable maintenance. Here at Promain we can be sure that our Communal Paints are ideal for facilities where a clean environment and public health is a concern. Hospitals and Kitchens are a prime example of areas where Communal Paint can be found and used. Centrecoat Ultra is the perfect example of a product which contains the most up to date Anti Bacterial additive in the battle against controlling infection.

If you are looking for Communal Area Paint we can assure you that the products we offer are highly recommended nationwide and are always in high demand. Colour is essential when using Communal Paint, as it is always on show, and first impressions are often made in an entrance to a new environment. We offer you products in range of different colours to suit your home or business needs.