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Paints and Coatings for Resisting Heat

Heat resistant paint is perfect for application to engines, exhausts, BBQs, stoves, fireplaces, boilers, radiators, chimeneas and other areas which are subjected to high temperatures. If you are looking for a heat-proof paint or coating to provide the highest level of protection to a surface exposed to high levels of heat, you fill what you are looking for here.

Within this range, you will find heat resistant coatings and heat resistant sprays, suitable for application to ships, boats, yachts, engines, incinerators, pipes, exhausts, grates and other metal/wood surfaces. Products are designed primarily for metal applications, although can often be applied to wood and other surfaces which need protection from high heat.

Please take the time to browse all products and choose the coating that best suits your needs. Whether you require heatproof paint for metal or something slightly different, we can provide you with advice and point you in the right direction.

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  1. Rustoleum 1015 / 1078 Heat-Resistant 750°C Topcoat
    Rustoleum 1015 / 1078 Heat-Resistant 750°C Topcoat

    Resists temperatures up to 750°C. Suitable for bare metal or slightly rusted surfaces, for BBQ's engines, heat cannons, pipes, and vents.

    From £23.16 £19.30
  2. Rustoleum Stove and BBQ Paint
    Rustoleum Stove and BBQ Paint

    A quick-drying, ultra-tough heat-resistant finish designed for stoves, BBQ's, engines, radiators and other metal items.

    From £12.44 £10.37
  3. Rustoleum 7715 / 7778 Hard Hat Heat Resistant 750°C Aerosol
    Rustoleum 7715 / 7778 Hard Hat Heat Resistant 750°C Aerosol

    For use on engines or barbecues, a high temperature black or silver paint which can be applied to hot stoves etc.

    From £11.60 £9.67
  4. PPG Hi Temp 1027
    PPG Hi Temp 1027

    Formulated to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI) of carbon steel and stainless steel.

    From £283.68 £236.40
  5. Sherwin Williams Epo-Phen FF Epoxy Phenolic Coating
    Sherwin Williams Epo-Phen FF Epoxy Phenolic Coating

    A flake filled MIO amine cured epoxy phenolic novolac formulated for use under thermal insulation at elevated or cryogenic temperatures.

    From £196.62 £163.85
  6. Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200
    Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex Hi-Temp 1200

    A 1 pack inert multipolymeric matrix coating that outperforms alternatives in combating corrosion under insulation (CUI) and in high heat applications...

    From £2,555.98 £2,129.98
  7. Hempel Versiline CUI 56990
    Hempel Versiline CUI 56990

    For long-term protection of hot pipework, equipment and other hot surfaces.

    From £280.72 £233.93
  8. Jotun Solvalitt
    Jotun Solvalitt

    A one component physically drying silicone acrylic coating that is heat resistant up to 600°C.

    From £127.92 £106.60
  9. Owatrol Primer AP.60
    Owatrol Primer AP.60

    A rust inhibiting paint for external application to heavily rusted surfaces that need restoring and protecting from further damage.

    From £27.91 £23.26
  10. Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex M505 - Formerly Leighs
    Sherwin Williams Heat-Flex M505 - Formerly Leighs

    A heat resisting, matt, air drying silicone resin based coating for steel surfaces.

    From £184.06 £153.38
  11. Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint
    Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint

    An oil-based multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces and a rust inhibiting primer all in one.

    From £22.52 £18.77
  12. PPG SigmaTherm 350 Heat Resistant
    PPG SigmaTherm 350 Heat Resistant

    Formally Amercoat 891. Heat resistant silicone/acrylic finish - heat resistant up to 350°C.

    From £567.56 £472.97

Items 1-28 of 41

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What is Heat Resistant Paint and How Does it Work?

Heat resistant or ‘high-temperature’ paint, is designed to withstand high temperatures. They are made in such a way that they won’t break down or crumble when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Best Heat Resistant Paint

When it comes to paint for metal, Promain offers a comprehensive range of specialist products to help you move forward. Some of the paints within this category can resist temperatures of up to 750 degrees Celsius, providing you with the high level of surface protection you need.

There really is no ‘best heat resistant paint’ though. It all depends on the environment and the substrate in question. Before making any purchase, we’d encourage you to get in touch and speak to a member of the Promain team regarding the different options we have available. We’d always recommend you thoroughly read the technical data sheets too, to make sure you fully understand how to go about applying the coating.

Heat Proof Chimenea, BBQ, Stove & Fireplace Paint

As we all know, fire is hot. We can often take it for granted though, forgetting that the heat can damage other things as well, not only ourselves. With that said, it’s important to think about the things around your home that are subjected to high levels of heat daily and how you can protect them.

Promain supply a range of heat resistant coatings suitable for application to chimeneas, BBQs, stoves and fireplaces, just to name a few. So if you are in the market for fireplace paint or a paint to protect your BBQ from heat, we have the solutions here to help you.

Which product do I choose?

Our heat resistant paints come in paint, primer or aerosol form, providing you with a choice when it comes to the application process. Our heat resistant spray paints are extremely popular, providing you with an easy way to apply the paint, without the need for a brush or roller.

We have heat resistant coatings available from the likes of Rust-Oleum, PPG, Coo-Var, Teamac, Owatrol and Blackfriar, providing you with a wide range of options to help you protect metal surfaces from high temperatures.

If you aren’t sure which heat resistant paint coating to purchase, contact the Promain technical department and we can discuss all your options with you. With a range of coatings available, we will have a system here to help you protect new, bare or blasted steel surfaces, as well as cast iron and most metal surfaces found in light-heavy industrial exposures.

High Temperature Paint

We stock a wide range of high-temperature here at Promain, we have a range to choose from, including high-temperature spray paint, ultra-high-temperature paint, industrial high-temperature paint and very high-temperature spray paint. With a large range to choose from, at Promain we are known for being the UK's leading supplier of high temp paint and coatings, there’s no need to look any further.

The high-temperature paints that we stock have all been produced to the highest standards and what’s more is the high temp coatings and paints that we provide also come in a range of options as well as providing protection and durability.

Should you be unsure of the exact high-temperature paint that you require, don’t worry, Promain’s technical experts are always on hand to help. For any questions or queries that you may have regarding high temp spray paint, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

High Temp Paint

When you need high temp paint, look no further, you’ve come to the right place, Promain stock a selection of high temp coatings and paints that are suitable for many requirements. Our technical team are experts and come with a range of skills and knowledge in high temp paint applications. 

You can browse our large collection of products online today and we will make sure that you find a high temp paint that is right for you. Should you be unsure of exactly what it is that you need or require, simply call on the team at Promain today, one of our technical specialists will be more than happy to assist you and make sure that you find the right high-temperature paint that you need. 

At Promain, our collection of high temp paint products will offer a durable and tough finish to many surfaces. Our high temp paints are durable and will last the test of time, with this in mind we provide a range of products that are suitable for high-temperature surfaces and applications. We also stock different paint types such as coloured spray paint and heat resistant enamel spray paint. For more information on the products that we offer, view our range of paints online today.

Heat Resistant Spray Paint

When looking for heat resistant spray paint, look no further, Promain has always got you covered. We make it our aim to provide our customers with a selection of products that are suitable for all of their needs and requirements, so should you be unsure about which product you need, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Promain. Our experts will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, we will always help to ensure that you get a product that will be suitable for all of your requirements.

High Temperature Spray Paint?

Having been providing high-temperature spray paint customers across the UK for many years there’s no need to look any further for high-temperature paint suppliers. At Promain we offer high performing and cost-effective high temp paint, we are also known for the service that we offer as well as the products that we supply. 

We stock high-temperature spray paint products from only the best manufacturers in the industry, so you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands with Promain. When you choose Promain for your high-temperature spray paint, you can trust that we will only provide you products that are the best quality and paints that we would only be happy with to use ourselves. For more information, simply get in touch today.

Why Choose Promain for High Temperature Paint?

As one of the leading high temp paint suppliers in the UK, at Promain we have got all of your needs covered. So should you be looking to buy high-temp paint, ensure that you check out the collection available online at Promain today? Over the years we have listened to our customer feedback and here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us for high temp paint:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality products
  • Fast delivery
  • Great prices
  • Wide range of products to choose from

Buy High Temperature Paint Online From Promain Today

If you are looking for heat resistant coatings or paint and high temp paint you should make Promain your first port of call today. We stock and supply a vast range of products to choose from, as well as fast delivery and range of payment methods available. When you choose Promain rest assured that we have all of your needs covered. If you have any questions about the paints that we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.


Where to buy heat resistant paints?

If you require heat resistant paints, simply get in touch with the team at Promain today, we are known for the excellent paint products that we provide and are the UK’s leading paint supplier. What’s more is, we are home to a team of highly experienced technical specialists who are experts. Whatever your requirements, from high temperature spray paint to high temp paint, we can help. Should you have any questions or require any more information regarding the paint that we stock, please get in touch with Promain today.

Can a high temperature make paint brittle?

High temperature can soften other paint layers and cause it to be brittle, the heat will dry out the material and speed up the process of ageing, with this in mind, it's recommended that a specialist paint is used to stop this. Drastic changes in temperatures can cause strain on surfaces, meaning they can expand and contract which can cause physical damage. Should you require any more information, feel free to get in touch with Promain today, our team of technical experts can always be on hand to help.

Can high-temperature paint be used on bare metal?

Yes, for those metal surfaces that get up to a high temperature, they will require a good heat resistant coating, there is a range of options available and at Promain we aim to stock only the best paint. Some high temp paint products can be applied directly to metal and metal surfaces, they will offer a heat resistant coating. For more information, simply get in touch with Promain today.


Can high-temperature paint use on plastic?

Yes, there is a range of high temp paint products available that can be used on a range of plastic services. These specialist paints have been created for high heat applications in different plastic materials, they will produce a protective layer that won’t chip, peel or flake. Should you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch with Promain today.


How to remove high temp paint?

High temp paint is an application used on surfaces that will get up to high levels of heat, this can be a range of items and surfaces. Due to its resilience, it can be hard to remove, however, if you do need to remove the paint, it can be done, it will require strong chemical solvents as well as proper tools that will help to strip the surface and remove the high temp paint with ease.