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About Heat Resistant Paint

Paints and Coatings for Resisting Heat

Heat resistant paint is perfect for application to engines, exhausts, BBQs, stoves, fireplaces, boilers, radiators, chimeneas and other areas which are subjected to high temperatures. If you are looking for a heat-proof paint or coating to provide the highest level of protection to a surface exposed to high levels of heat, you fill what you are looking for here.

Within this range, you will find heat resistant coatings and heat resistant sprays, suitable for application to ships, boats, yachts, engines, incinerators, pipes, exhausts, grates and other metal/wood surfaces. Products are designed primarily for metal applications, although can often be applied to wood and other surfaces which need protection from high heat.

Please take the time to browse all products and choose the coating that best suits your needs. Whether you require heatproof paint for metal or something slightly different, we can provide you with advice and point you in the right direction.

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  1. Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield
    Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield

    An extreme performance pipeline coating for hot, cryogenic and cycling exposures.

    From £1,192.20 £993.50
  2. Carboline Thermaline 4674
    Carboline Thermaline 4674

    A single pack medium to high temperature coating that withstands continuous temperature up to 400ºC, and peaks up to 540°C.

    From £92.40 £77.00
  3. International Interbond 2340UPC
    International Interbond 2340UPC

    A universal pipe coating that provides external protection for process piping, valves and vessels.

    From £659.23 £549.36
  4. Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC
    Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC

    A high solids epoxy tank lining with exceptional chemical resistance. Formulated primarily as a tank lining.

    From £253.26 £211.05
  5. Carboline Thermaline 450
    Carboline Thermaline 450

    Offers exceptional barrier protection and resistance to wet/dry cycling at elevated temperatures.

    From £251.46 £209.55
  6. Carboline Thermaline 4900
    Carboline Thermaline 4900

    A single pack silicone acrylic heat resistant finish suitable for high temperature exposures up to 260°C on steel.

    From £112.80 £94.00
  7. Hempel Hempadur 85671
    Hempel Hempadur 85671

    A two-component, amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy (novolac) tank and pipeline coating.

    From £291.31 £242.76

Items 29-44 of 44

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