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Patio and Driveway Cleaner

Driveways and patios can get very dirty and can become to look unsightly, but with the fantastic driveway and patio cleaning products that we have at Promain that are perfect for the cleaning of driveways and patios you won’t have this problem anymore as we can help make sure that your driveway or patio looks spick and span. As well as cleaners we also have a range of driveway, patio, path and pavement restoration products available such as paints, sealers and protectors all of which are suitable on surfaces such as tarmac, bitumen, asphalt, acrylic and block paving. Our main aim at Promain is to make sure that our customers are getting only the very best quality products which is why we make sure we source all of our patio and driveway cleaners from only the very best manufacturers in the industry as well as making sure that our price tags are as reasonable as possible.

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  1. Aluminium 1 item
  2. Asbestos 2item
  3. Bitumen 1 item
  4. Blocks 3item
  5. Bronze 1 item
  6. Canvas 2item
  7. Ceilings, Plaster 2item
  8. Cementitious 7item
  9. Concrete 10item
  10. Fabric 2item
  11. Fibreglass 1 item
  12. Floor, Asphalt 2item
  13. Floor, Block Paving 4item
  14. Floor, Concrete 6item
  15. Floor, Imprinted Concrete 1 item
  16. Floor, Polished Granite 1 item
  17. Floor, Porcelain Tiles 1 item
  18. Floor, Power Floated Concrete 4item
  19. Floor, Previously Painted 1 item
  20. Floor, Quarry Tiles 1 item
  21. Floor, Steel 1 item
  22. Floor, Stone 5item
  23. Floor, Tarmac 3item
  24. Floor, Terracotta Tiles 3item
  25. Glass 1 item
  26. Granite 2item
  27. Marble 2item
  28. Plastic, Fibre Reinforced 1 item
  29. Roofing, Asbestos 2item
  30. Roofing, Asphalt 4item
  31. Roofing, Bricks 1 item
  32. Roofing, Cement 2item
  33. Roofing, Concrete 1 item
  34. Roofing, Felt 2item
  35. Roofing, Fibreglass 2item
  36. Roofing, Flat Roofing 3item
  37. Roofing, GRP 2item
  38. Roofing, Metal 3item
  39. Roofing, Plastisol 3item
  40. Roofing, Primed Plastisol 1 item
  41. Roofing, Single Ply 4item
  42. Roofing, Stone 2item
  43. Roofing, Tiles 2item
  44. Roofing, Wood 1 item
  45. Steel, Bare 1 item
  46. Steel, New 1 item
  47. Steel, Structural 1 item
  48. Stone 5item
  49. Stone, Synthetic 1 item
  50. Tiles, Ceramic 1 item
  51. Tiles, Porcelain 1 item
  52. Tiles, Quarry 1 item
  53. Walls, External Brick 4item
  54. Walls, External Concrete 5item
  55. Walls, External Fibre Cement Boards 1 item
  56. Walls, External GRP 2item
  57. Walls, External Lime Render 1 item
  58. Walls, External Pebbledash 4item
  59. Walls, External Plaster 4item
  60. Walls, External Plastisol 2item
  61. Walls, External Powder Coated 2item
  62. Walls, External PVDF 3item
  63. Walls, External PVDF2 3item
  64. Walls, External Render 5item
  65. Walls, External Rough Cast 1 item
  66. Walls, External Stone 1 item
  67. Walls, External Tiles 4item
  68. Walls, External Wood 1 item
  69. Walls, Internal Brick 2item
  70. Walls, Internal Concrete 2item
  71. Walls, Internal New Plaster 1 item
  72. Walls, Internal Plaster 2item
  73. Wood, External 4item
  74. Wood, Internal 2item
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