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As the UK's leading supplier of London Underground Section 12 and Rail Track RT98 coatings, Promain are able to offer a range approved water based and solvent bourne industrial strength paint strippers, designed for removing epoxy, polyurethane paints, as well as alkyd paints, artex, varnish, or stains used in the rail industry. Please browse our range of LUL APR paint strippers below to find the most suitable for your requirements. Should you like to know more about our LUL APR paint strippers, then please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us. We will be happy to help.

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  1. Tor TorStrip Wash Down Agent WDA10
    Tor TorStrip Wash Down Agent WDA10

    For use with Torstrip WBS / Torstrip VSA multi-layer paint remover.

    From £60.54 £50.45
  2. Tor Torstrip WBS Water Based System
    Tor Torstrip WBS Water Based System

    Provides you with the safest and most effective water based stripping system available on the market today.

    From £457.33 £381.11
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