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Owatrol Professional is an industry leading product launched in 2002. We offer an exclusive service to professional channels of distribution but this product is available to anyone and everyone. We offer a massive range of products that are easy to use, very effective and environmentally friendly. Whether your problem lays indoors or outdoors we aim to produce only the best wood care products to fulfill your every need.

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  1. Linitop Solid
    Linitop Solid

    A solvent based, long lasting, UV protecting, highly flexible woodstain suitable for old or damaged interior and exterior wood including cladding.

    From £37.04 £30.87
  2. Linitop Classic Acryl
    Linitop Classic Acryl

    A decorative, satin, water based, quick drying wood stain. Excellent UV resistance for interior / exterior vertical woodwork.

    From £33.78 £28.15
  3. Owatrol Sanixyl Fungal Protection *CLEARANCE*
    Owatrol Sanixyl Fungal Protection *CLEARANCE*

    Protects and cures fungicidal infection and insect attacks on exterior or interior wooden surfaces. Formerly Owatrol TMU84.

    From £19.02 £15.85
  4. Owatrol PCD 91
    Owatrol PCD 91

    A brush-on end grain preservative treatment for the re-treatment, on site or in a workshop, of all cut, bored or notched wood that has been treated to...

    From £25.73 £21.44
  5. Owatrol CompoXell Composite Wood Finish - Formerly Compo-Care
    Owatrol CompoXell Composite Wood Finish - Formerly Compo-Care

    A water-based finish for external composite wood. Designed to protect, and refresh the colour of composite wood.

    From £30.52 £25.43
  6. Linitop Acryl Prim
    Linitop Acryl Prim

    A microporous penetrating, coloured water based woodstain with built in primer and finish For interior and exterior use.

    From £129.16 £107.63
  7. Owatrol Teak Olje
    Owatrol Teak Olje

    Protects, enhances and nourishes the wood offering a natural rich matt finish, will not blacken due to UV rays.

    From £19.49 £16.24
  8. Owatrol Primafloor
    Owatrol Primafloor

    A single pack polyurethane primer for all new and unfinished or stripped wooden floors.

    From £64.39 £53.66
  9. Linitop Grain Filler
    Linitop Grain Filler

    A clear, semi gloss wood grain filler to fill small surface imperfections in wood prior to application of a top varnish.

    From £24.83 £20.69
  10. Owatrol D1 Pro
    Owatrol D1 Pro

    A solvent based UV resistant long lasting saturating wood oil for interior and exterior wood.

    From £36.22 £30.18
  11. Owatrol H4 Wood and Stone
    Owatrol H4 Wood and Stone

    Protects new timber as it ages and becomes a natural grey colour without causing damage to the timber.

    From £28.96 £24.13
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